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Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

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Hi everyone,

I’m Roberto Reif and today I am excited to introduce a new feature that has been added to Project Professional 2010, the ability to: synchronize a tasks list between Project and SharePoint!!!

A Project Manager (PM) can use all the advanced scheduling capabilities that exist in Project Professional with all the collaborative capabilities that exist in SharePoint.

Users can now publish a project plan from Project to SharePoint and vice versa.  Any changes made in Project / SharePoint can be easily updated into SharePoint / Project with the click of a button.

So how does this work?  Let’s assume a PM creates a simple project plan in Project Professional, as shown below. 


The PM would like to share the plan with his/her team members via SharePoint.  To do this, the PM clicks on the File tab and drills on to Save & Send > Sync with Tasks List (see image below).  After filling out the required fields, the user clicks on Sync, and in a matter of seconds the project plan has been published to SharePoint.



The SharePoint list will look as follows:


Now the team members can view and modify the data in SharePoint, and the PM can synchronize the updates by clicking on the Sync button.  Tip: After the first sync, the Sync button also appears in the Info tab shown below.



If the same data is modified both in SharePoint and Project, the PM will be prompted with a conflict resolution dialog next time there is a Sync operation. 


A few important things to notice are:

· Summary tasks are supported in the synchronization

· Most custom fields can be synchronized, and can be added via the Manage Fields dialog (click on Manage Fields button shown on the image above in the Info tab)

· This feature only works with SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010

· This feature only works when Project Professional is not connected to the server

We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think.  Be amongst the first to download the Project 2010 Beta . Sign up now at and be notified when it’s available!

Update on 5/19/11 - with Project 2010 SP1 you will now be able to synchronize auto scheduled tasks too -

  • I think I just got the secret.  Project Professional CANNOT be connected to the server for the "Sync to Task List" to be available.  We have been under the assumption that this functionality would provide users the ability to update tasks to a "Published" schedule through a SharePoint task list.  I assume that this is NOT the case.  Is that correct?

  • You are correct - the Sync to Task List command isn't available when you have Project Pro connected to Project Server. This is how the feature is designed.

    If you are using Project Server, you should publish the schedule to Project Server as you have. Then the team members can update the tasks they're assigned to through the My Work page. This gives you more control since then you can review and approve their changes. If you don't want this control, you could even give them access to the Schedule webpart and they could edit the entire schedule.

  • Question:  When I save Project files to Sharepoint, I lose formatting (e.g., sub-tasks, boldface print, etc.).

    Why is this, and is there a way to rectify it?  

  • Andrea - do you mean that you are using the sync to SharePoint task list feature? If so, formatting information isn't synchronized between Project and SharePOint. Your subtasks should be there though. You just need to drill into the summary tasks to see them (click on the summary task name).

  • Great blog and discussion on a very relevant topic!!

    I am having trouble with the start and due dates not being synched  correctly. Seems like some date changes in Sharepoint are being "overruled" by Project. Example: Create new task in Project with start date 1.Jan and due date 4.Jan. Synch. Then change due date in Sharepoint to 5.jan. Synch - no errors, but date is not changed in Project and is changed back to 4th in Sharepoint at next synch.

    Also I am experiencing that the Auto Scheduling in Project is set to Manual at synch (getting a warning message saying that this might affect schedule..). This messes up the Gantt view in Project not showing the summary tasks as aggregated periods of the dates of the underlying tasks.

    Have I hit a Synch-bug or are my Project settings causing me trouble?

  • I have all the syncing happening from all fields, howevere when I make changes on the SharePoint side in the "finish" field, it's off by one day when it syncs back to project. Is there a way to sync my computer clock with the server clock?

  • Synchronizing Project and SharePoint is a great idea. Unfortunately, after experimenting with the feature, I believe that it remains too weak and flawed to be utilized by Project Managers in a truly constructive fashion.

    PJMs live and die by Project's ability to autocalculate interdependant milestones and not being able to sync such a schedule to SharePoint makes life extremely difficult. I've tried to create alternate workflows in order to circumvent the issue only to uncover a number of problems preventing me do easily move forward.

    For this reason, I come to this blog for guidance in the hope that I'll be able to move forward with this initiative. Are there any resources that you can point me to, please?

    signed: "Hopeful" ;-) (thanks in advance)


  • I have a Project Pro 2010 project that I want to be viewable by others on SharePoint that do not have Project 2010. I have synced the resources to Active Directory (the Address list also for testing purposes). When I Sync this project to an SP2010 Project Task list, the resources are not brought over and I get an error that the resource is not on the SharePoint server.

    If I try to add the name on the SharePoint side, I get the error "the user does not exist or is not unique" even though the user is found through the 'assigned to' browse button.

    If I sync the project to a regular task list, the user names resolve, but I do not get the Gantt display that you get from the Project Task list.

    Any ideas on how to get the resources to resolve with an SP2010 Project Task list?

  • I have found that when I sync from Project 2010 to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Task list and map the Project "Notes" field on a task to a Notes field in the SharePoint Task List, I loose the full detail of the Notes, truncates it to "Some text and then ......."   This happens on both the SharePoint and Project Pro side.  Anyone know how to overcome this?  Also, how to I recover the original notes?  They seem to be lost.

  • as you've said in the article ((his feature only works with SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010))

    do you mean it is not available in in sharepoint 2010 entrprise edition?!

  • I was so excited about this, but am running SharePoint Server 2007.  Doesn't work.  Any chance of a hot fix out there to make this feature back compatiable with SP 2007?

  • Saleh - This feature works with all versions of SharePoint 2010 from Foundation to Enterprise.

    Rebecca - We aren't able to update this feature to work with SharePoint 2007. This feature relies on new task list behavior that was only added in 2010.

  • After reading the entire blog notes, i see that i'm not the only one having issues.

    1) I am having the "resource dos not exist on the sharepoint". However, the resource getting dropped is me. the PM, the sharepoint admin and a member of domain controllers. I am (however) able to add myself to the sharepoint task list.  Also some users appear as "Name", some appear as domainname\usernmae...also strange. Many tasks assigned in project appear as unassigned in sharepoint.

    2) I'm having issues where notes are not transposed at all. My scenario is to have users "Connect to outlook" and update, annotate & complete tasks using outlook.  Those notes do sync back to sharepoint, but not back to the original project.

    3) i'm next having problems with dates on my tasks. Summary tasks are fine in project, but after a sync the hours spin out of control. Also, they stop being "roll up tasks" (the total duration for ALL of the tasks) and convert to just the duration of the longest task on the list, so basically all of my timelines get messed up after the sync.

    4) I noted that other people are having problems with the autoschedule -> manual schedule isses, i too am having that problem.

    4a) semi-related - when people are marking tasks completed in outlook, the sharepoint is not properly reflecting the status.

    5) lastly (and this might be me) I keep getting errors that the sync was completed with another task list.  is there a way to view the active partnerships that exist?

    thanks again for the blog and I look forward to your answers.

  • Hi, is this available in Project 2010 standard. If not, is it a bolt on that can be purchased? Thank you

  • Wayne - This feature is only available in Project Professional 2010.

    Michael - With Project 2010 SP1, you will now be able to synce auto scheduled tasks. For the resource names issue, make sure the names you are using in Project match the user names on SharePoint. Ex. If someone's name on SharePoint is John Doe (blah), make sure that's what you are using in the client too.

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