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Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

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Hi everyone,

I’m Roberto Reif and today I am excited to introduce a new feature that has been added to Project Professional 2010, the ability to: synchronize a tasks list between Project and SharePoint!!!

A Project Manager (PM) can use all the advanced scheduling capabilities that exist in Project Professional with all the collaborative capabilities that exist in SharePoint.

Users can now publish a project plan from Project to SharePoint and vice versa.  Any changes made in Project / SharePoint can be easily updated into SharePoint / Project with the click of a button.

So how does this work?  Let’s assume a PM creates a simple project plan in Project Professional, as shown below. 


The PM would like to share the plan with his/her team members via SharePoint.  To do this, the PM clicks on the File tab and drills on to Save & Send > Sync with Tasks List (see image below).  After filling out the required fields, the user clicks on Sync, and in a matter of seconds the project plan has been published to SharePoint.



The SharePoint list will look as follows:


Now the team members can view and modify the data in SharePoint, and the PM can synchronize the updates by clicking on the Sync button.  Tip: After the first sync, the Sync button also appears in the Info tab shown below.



If the same data is modified both in SharePoint and Project, the PM will be prompted with a conflict resolution dialog next time there is a Sync operation. 


A few important things to notice are:

· Summary tasks are supported in the synchronization

· Most custom fields can be synchronized, and can be added via the Manage Fields dialog (click on Manage Fields button shown on the image above in the Info tab)

· This feature only works with SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010

· This feature only works when Project Professional is not connected to the server

We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think.  Be amongst the first to download the Project 2010 Beta . Sign up now at and be notified when it’s available!

Update on 5/19/11 - with Project 2010 SP1 you will now be able to synchronize auto scheduled tasks too -

  • I'm not sure if any of you have ever run into this.  I have a user who has selected the proper task list, but when he goes to sync, he gets this error message: "Unable to synchronize the project plan to the SharePoint tasks list because the project plan is not saved in a Project 2010 file format."

    From what he has shown me, it looks like a 2010 project file that isn't running in compatibility mode.  Any thoughts?

  • So will this sync with SharePoint in office 365?

  • PeterG - I would try doing a Save As on the file and ensuring that the file format is the latest file format.

    Jamie - Yes it will. This post has more details on that -

  • Quoting: !~ Whenever I attempt to sync, I get the following error message:

    "Invalid Predecessor"

    SharePoint only supports Finish-to-Start predecessors without constraints or lag times.  Modify the affected predecessor and sync again."

    Do you really have to eliminate all other forms of Predecessors and lag times? Has anyone discovered another way to work around this? ~!

    I just deleted the predecessors and entered them later in SharePoint.

  • If you have MS Project 2010 do you need MS Project Server to link to the SharePoint or is there no need for MS Project Server?

  • Heather, please answer to Chris comment:

    I have found that when I sync from Project 2010 to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Task list and map the Project "Notes" field on a task to a Notes field in the SharePoint Task List, I loose the full detail of the Notes, truncates it to "Some text and then ......."   This happens on both the SharePoint and Project Pro side.  Anyone know how to overcome this?  Also, how to I recover the original notes?  They seem to be lost.

    I have such problem too.

  • Damien - To sync a SharePoint Task list with a project file (what this post describes), you don't need Project Server. Project Server provides a bunch of additional functionality. See this site for more info

    Alex - I'm seeing the same issue as you and Chris with respect to the Notes field. It looks like only the first line with sync. I've reported this issue so we can look at fixing it in a future release. I recommend using a text custom field. You'll only be able to type 255 characters but it will sync correctly.

  • I have many tasks that won't sync with just the basic error of Ensure 'fill in task name here' contains valid data and try again.  Some I have just inserted a new task, copied all the data (manually typed and delete the old task.  Works some times.  I really don't want to delete hundreds of tasks.  Any more hints on what type of 'invalid' data it might point to?

  • I have a project task list in Sharepoint and sync with Project. Project added in the fields of: Actual Duration, Actual Start, Actual Work.

    By synchronizing these fields are created in Sharepoint. The problem is that you create in text and when I edit the task in Sharepoint and filling these fields, synchronization with Project fails ... because those fields are not understood.

    That can not be done? Create fields from Project, for use in the SharePoint list and update the information synchronized Project?

    As you can solve this problem?

  • Hi

    I have proved this working to from my domain conneted machine and it works fine, but when i use a workgroup machine i get the error

    unable to sync.......... reasons:

    1.the sharepoint site is invalid - no I can cut and paste the link into my bowser and it works

    2. the sharepoint site is unavailable - no same as above

    3. user does not have permissions - no I have owner (full) permissions.

    How can you get this to sync from a WORKGROUP Machine but authenticate into the Sharepoint server as your domain account ?

  • Can I upload new projects using an excel file?

    IT is telling me that only Sharepoint Task list can be synced, i am looking for tasks, but it is the project itself

    Let me know

  • MS project Pro did create the tasklist in my SP 2010 site as specified (however with no task records), but then runs into an error saying:

    'An unknown error has occured, ensure the SP site is running'

    I can access my SP 2010 site, and I see the list create

  • Once entered, how can I change the Sharepoint site that is indicated in the Sync to Tasks list? Also, how would it be deleted altogether? I cannot find any references to this.

  • Just getting started reading thru the blogs...I have MS Project 2010 (PRO) and trying to sync to corporate sharepoint site (2010).   Getting the error cannot sync with sharepoint site (click validate URL button), that states invalid sharepoint site, site unavailable, or user does not have full or design permissions on site???

    When I look on the sharepoint site I have full control under my NT account.


  • My question relates to working with a hierchically defined task list. A team member that's been assigned a number of tasks that exist at different levels of the task hierarchy doesn't want to have to click into each summary task to see what s/he's assigned to. Is there a way to view the entire list of tasks, or specifically to see everying assigned to "me" in one displayed list?

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