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Video Walkthrough of the Out of the Box Sample Proposal Workflow

Video Walkthrough of the Out of the Box Sample Proposal Workflow

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Out of the box, Project Server 2010 comes with a “Sample Workflow” which highlights many of the new features found within Project Server 2010 Workflows. The Sample Workflow was designed to help our customers not only just understand what our new workflows can do, but also give customers and partners the initial building blocks to create their customized workflows.

The below videos is a step by step walk through of our Sample Proposal. It will show the end user experience, and highlight the different areas an admin must setup in order for this workflow to fully function.

In addition to the posted videos, attached to this blog you will also find the Visio Diagram of the workflow. Please feel free to use this diagram to assist in traversing the workflow, and as a template for when you are creating your own custom workflow Visio diagrams.

The source code for the Sample Proposal Workflow has been posted within our SDKs.  Please download the SDK to get access to the source code.  Once you have downloaded the source code, you should be able to modify the workflow logic and upload your own modified version of this sample proposal.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments of this blog.

Thank you,

Sam Chung

Attachment: RTM Out of the box Workflow.vsd
  • Hello All,

    I just wanted to let everyone who reads this post to know that I have since moved off the Project Team.  And I am currently working on a new product.  As such, my responses to these blog postings I have made will become even slower and may stop. I wanted to appologize right now for not being able to keep up with your great questions.  But, if you guys do have questions on Project Server workflows, there are other forums and groups developed for this.

    But in regards to the current questions:


    If the workflow is hanging even before the point where you made the changes it most likely is not due to the changes in the stage flow.  Something else must be going on at the approval point.  I would check the code around there, and additionally, please ensure that you are cycling all of the proper services when you upload your new workflow (you need to cycle the queue service, timer service, and IIS).  Please also make sure that you do not overwrite the current out of the box workflow, and instead just create a new workflow.


    The out of the box workflow not only checks the portfolio managers group, but also filters the users in that group to just the users that are part of the same department as the project.  If it is giving you this error, and you are sure that there are users in that group, please check to make sure the users are in the same department as the projects you are creating.  (and remember a "blank" department, is still a type of department)

    Hope this helps.


  • @sachung

    Thank you very much sir for your prompt response, it really helps.

    It is sad to hear that you're leaving the Project Team : (

    But life must go on, so good luck with your new role and also new product : )


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