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December, 2010

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    Announcing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration Feature Pack Beta


    We are excited to announce the release of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration Feature Pack Beta to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscribers.

    Integration between Project Server and Team Foundation Server is a huge leap forward for organizations that want to bridge the gap between the Project Management Office and software development teams using Team Foundation Server. The feature pack further strengthens Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management Solution by enabling these teams to work together more effectively while not getting distracted or overwhelmed by each other’s’ detail. It enables teams to work together more effectively by:

    • Providing executives with insight into portfolio execution, alignment with strategic objectives, and resource utilization of their software development projects by leveraging the quantitative data stored in different systems.
    • Bridging the impedance mismatch between the Project Management Office and Application Development by facilitating better coordination between teams using disparate methodologies, like waterfall and agile, via common information and agreed upon metrics.
    • Enabling development and project management teams to use familiar tools to collaborate and communicate project timeline and progress such as Microsoft Project, Project Server, SharePoint and Visual Studio.

    Please check out Brian Harry’s post: Portfolio Management: TFS <-> Project Server Integration in Beta for more details on this exciting new solution and try it yourselves!

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    Questions and Answers

    Q. How does this Feature Pack differ from the out-of-the-box Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Project add-in?
    A. The Microsoft Project add-in allows project managers to use Microsoft Project to connect to Team Foundation Server to collaborate and participate in the planning and execution of software development projects. The Feature Pack enables integration between Team Foundation Server and Project Server and allows planning and status information to be synchronized between the two systems.

    Q. Are there any prerequisites or dependencies for this Feature Pack?
    A. Dependencies are:
    • Team Foundation Server 2010 + SP1 beta
    • Visual Studio 2010 + SP1 beta
    • Project Server 2010 or 2007
    For a detailed description of dependencies and prerequisites please check the beta documentation mentioned above.

    Q. Do customers need to apply this Feature Pack to Team Foundation Server or Project Server?
    A. The Feature Pack must be applied to Project Server (2010 or 2007). The Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1 beta must be applied to Team Foundation Server 2010. Check out the documentation for more details.

    Q. What MSDN Subscription level is required to download the beta?
    A. This Feature Pack will only be available to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscribers (go to your MSDN download center, you should find the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration Feature Pack as an available download). An organization must own at least one license of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN. With that one license, the software can be downloaded and installed and then all users with access to either the Project Server or the Team Foundation Server products that are integrated can benefit.

    Q. Can I use this release in production?
    A. The beta comes with a “go-live” agreement. If the user agrees to the terms in the pre-release license agreement then they are eligible to use the environment in production. As usual we recommend testing out this beta release in a test/staging environment prior to any product rollout.

    Q. When will the final version be ready?
    A. Pending your validation, it will ship sometime in the first half of next year (2011).

    Christophe Fiessinger
    Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Project 2010

    Project Momentum 2010 EMEA


    Last month, the Project team hosted Project Momentum 2010 EMEA in Barcelona, Spain – a 2-day event focused on our Europe, Middle East and Africa customers and partners. It was a great opportunity for us to learn from the Project community as well as an opportunity for the community to share best practices with each other. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a tremendous success!

    With over 240+ partners and customers from 28+ different countries, we had a very diverse audience! While it’s just a small part of our worldwide 20 million user Project community, it provides a unique and intimate environment for learning. I personally had the opportunity to connect with many different people through sessions, networking events and side-meetings. Truth be told, it’s what I learn from our customers and partners that makes these events so special. It was especially nice hearing about how customers & partners are deploying Project 2010 in their organizations and gaining business value today and not waiting for SP1. It’s great to hear since the team put in a lot of effort to make sure Project 2010 is a high quality release. Some examples of customers who talked about their Project 2010 experiences at Momentum include Volvo (session, written case study), NATO (session) and Kudelski (session).

    For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the conference or for those of you looking to share content with your teams, I recommend taking a look at some of the conference content here. I recommend starting with the keynote below (from the 5:05 mark after the conference welcome) that I had the honor to kick-off followed by Ludovic Hauduc, General Manager of the Project engineering team, who did a great job providing his personal insight into the Project 2010 release.

    I especially recommend watching the keynote demos at around the 43:10 mark. Eric Zenz, a Senior Program Manager Lead on Ludo’s team, does three great live demos:

    • Office 365 and Project Professional 2010 demo that highlights SharePoint Online tasks sync with Project Professional 2010 
    • Exchange Server and Project Server 2010 demo that highlights  how users can view, create, and update tasks in OWA/Outlook and “round trip” to Project Server 2010.
    • PerformancePoint Services demo that highlights the rich Business Intelligence capabilities in Project Server 2010 illustrating the out-of-the-box decomposition tree capability.

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    Enjoy the content and thank you once again! Also look out for an announcement in early 2011 that gives more information on the next Project Conference!

    Arpan Shah
    Director, Project
    Microsoft Corporation

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