Agile Custom Project Guide - Second File Attachment

Agile Custom Project Guide - Second File Attachment

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Due to the size of the Zip file, I need to split the file into two. This post has the second file. The main post will have the first file attached.

Attachment: Agile Project Guide.z01
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  • How do you join the two files back together?

  • If you download both files, you should be able to use a program like WinZip to unzip it. Just open the file with the zip file extension.

  • When I try to add this file into project, it complains that I have to add the site to the trusted sites in Internet Explorer.  However, my C drive is already added as a trusted site.  How do you get around this?

  • I am also getting errors with the zip files. When I try to unzip the first one (using winzip) it goes into a loop trying to unzip to a specified location, you have to cancel the operation. If I try to unzip the 2nd file I get this error "cannot open file, does not appear to be a valide archive."

    Could you please email me a copy of both files zipped together?


  • To get around the trusted issue, you may need to add it to your Trusted Publishers list. You can do this by clicking: Tools -> Macros -> Security. Then select the trusted tab.

  • Hi Chris,

    I cannot unzip the files or extract them (using Vista), can you please resend or post again.



  • The second file seems to be corrupted, it will not let me unzip due to that reason, is there anyway to upload a new version?  I'm really excited to try this.

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