Getting at the Task Time Phased Data

Getting at the Task Time Phased Data

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I have been asked many times how to get the task time phased data from the PSI. Unfortunately there is no way to get this through the PSI. I suggest that you either go to the RDB for this information or the cubes. Here is a quick example.

I created a project with one task and broke the work down over a week:


I saved and published the project so that it would make its way into the reporting database. Here is the query I wrote to retrieve this data:

    INNER JOIN MSP_EpmTask_UserView 
ON MSP_EpmAssignmentByDay_UserView.TaskUID = MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskUID WHERE (MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskName = 'Task 1')

Here is the result of the query:

Chris Boyd

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  • Hi Chris,

    It is a pitty you can't retrieve it by PSI. However even the RDB only reveals the amount of hours. The contoured data, meaning when are the 2 hours on that day scheduled (eg 11:00-13:00) are not available in clear text in the RDB. The RDB has the contoured data only in binary format.

    It seems that calendars & contoured data are still in binary format, and the logic is only understood by winproj.

    Greetings, Kurt

  • Hi Chris,

    It is true that the timephased data could be retrived from reporting database.

    The reporting database table values (AssignmentActualWork) gets populated only after publishing of the project. I want to retrive the actual work as soon as the resource enters it (through My Tasks page).

    Could you please provide help on how to get ActualWork day wise instantly.




  • I've found you actually CAN get at the timephased data, but only where you are the assignment owner.  However, if you need enterprise-level reporting, this method is un-usable.

  • Thanks Chris.

    This is kinda rediculous. Why Microsoft would remove such a valuable function from MSP is unknown. I'm not literate in either VBA or SQL so I am not able to code this function.

    MSP managers....................... ARE YOU LISTENING ???????????

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