Visual How To: Creating a Custom Web Parts for Project Server 2007

Visual How To: Creating a Custom Web Parts for Project Server 2007

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We’ve added a “Visual How Tos” section to the online SDK, with the first video:  Creating Custom Web Parts for Project Server 2007.


A Web Part is a modular unit of information that has a single purpose and is a basic building block of a Web Part Page. Project Web Access uses many Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Web Parts and can be easily extended with custom Web Parts.

Web Parts in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 improve upon earlier versions of Web Part technologies. You can use Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Web Parts and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts. You can also use Web Parts in shared Web Part Page documents in a project workspace or team site. The shared documents are stored and managed on a computer running Windows SharePoint Services that is provisioned by Project Server. This Office Visual How To article shows the creation of a custom Web Part for Project Server 2007 that you can use to display the upcoming tasks for a specified project. The code presented in this article is based on the "No PWA Reference" Web Part sample that is included in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK download.

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