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  • Blog Post: Converting COM add-ins to VSTO for 64-bit Office apps

    64-bit Office apps--including Project 2010--do not support COM add-ins, which are 32-bit. To use the 64-bit environment, COM add-ins must be ported to a 64-bit add-in by using the Office Development Tools in Visual Studio 2010 (often referred to as Visual Studio Tools for Office, or VSTO). There...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2010 Developer Conference Presentations

    The SharePoint 2010 developer conference presentation files are available in PowerPoint and XPS format. They include developer presentations for integrating with Office 2010 clients. See SharePoint 2010 Presentations: Developer Conference Session Files .
  • Blog Post: Code samples from the Project 2010 SDK webcast

    The attached file contains three complete Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 projects for code samples that were briefly discussed in the Project 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK) Drilldown webcast: ProjectGuideAddIn : Uses Microsoft Office development tools (VSTO...
  • Blog Post: RTM update of the Project 2010 SDK

    The Project 2010 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both published, and the Project Developer Center portal is updated. They have the same URLs as previous releases: Project Developer Center : <-- This is the place to start. All...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 Launched !!!

    Developing, Debugging  and Testing your Project apps just got easier thanks to Visual Studio 2010.  Check out today’s launch activities at to get all the details.
  • Blog Post: Version 2 of the Office Interactive Developer Map

    Just got an e-mail from Jim that Version 2 of the Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map was published today, by the Office Developer Center folks. The new version includes lots of new stuff (new products and new interactive links) – such as VS2008, Communications Server, Performance Point...
  • Blog Post: Project Server 2007 - Project Server Developer Community Expanding

    Leveraging the development aspects of Project Server 2007 spans a wide range of skills. PWA customizations (ASP.NET), workflow development, line of business applications integration using the PSI, extending Project Server functionality using server side events, specialized reporting from the Project...
  • Blog Post: New Technical Article: "Importing Project 2007 Tasks from Excel Using a Managed Code Add-In"

    Jim has just posted a new technical article. Here are some details he sent me: The article "Importing Project 2007 Tasks from Excel Using a Managed Code Add-In" is now published in the Technical Articles section of the Project 2007 SDK. Article URL:
  • Blog Post: VSTO Add-In Support for Project 2003 and Project 2007

    I am very excited about the Visual Studio Beta 2 release, as it now has support for Project 2003 and Project 2007 add-ins! This makes coding and debugging managed code very easy in Project Client. It also makes it really simple to call into the PSI from Project Client to retrieve and update data on the...
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