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  • Blog Post: You can use Project with SharePoint Composites, too

    The Guide to creating SharePoint Composites includes a 73-page download that explains SharePoint Composites. To quote from the download, “A SharePoint Composite combines data, documents, and business process in a useful, productive way. … A SharePoint Composite is a ‘do-it-yourself’...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Web Part that Lists Projects with a Specified Custom Field Value

    To list all projects that have a specified value of a custom field, the easiest solution is to develop a PSI extension that queries the Reporting database (RDB) in Project Server 2010. When you install the attached file, the ListProjectsWebPart_JSGrid\ListProjects_PSIExtension...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and AJAX.NET

    Even though Boris has moved on to another team in Microsoft, he still wanted me to share the following with you: Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 is built on top of Windows SharePoint Services, so you might think you can develop AJAX Web Parts as you do in Windows SharePoint Services, right? ...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

    Hey, If you are interested in creating PWA webparts that make use of Silverlight , I suggest you take a look at the " Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint " which was just released last night:
  • Blog Post: Update on the ODC 2008

    Hello, This is a follow up from my previous post about the ODC 2008 . Just wanted to let you know that the ODC 2008 will have some specific Project Server sessions: Session Title Speaker Name Abstract Building a custom Webservice to query the EPM datastore and render the data...
  • Blog Post: Visual How To: Creating a Custom Web Parts for Project Server 2007

    We’ve added a “Visual How Tos” section to the online SDK, with the first video: Creating Custom Web Parts for Project Server 2007 . Overview A Web Part is a modular unit of information that has a single purpose and is a basic building block of a Web Part Page. Project Web Access uses many Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Building Web Parts using VS.NET extensions for SharePoint

    Mike McDonogh sent us this recommendation: If any of you are planning on building web parts for Project Server 2007 I’d HIGHLY recommending using the VS.NET extensions for SharePoint.
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