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June, 2011

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    Importing Custom Work Items into TFS

    Today a colleague of mine asked me for some help with a problem revolving around Team Foundation Server (TFS) so of course I said “sure, no problem.” I figured it’d be a no-brainer but as anyone will tell you, life often has other plans...
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    Exploring Project Estimation

    If you ever have the pleasure of working here at Microsoft you’ll find that there is certainly no shortage of passionate people who have great ideas and want to share them with you. I was recently introduced to such a team that was comprised of...
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    Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide

    This version of the quick reference guide QRG is a PDF file with a total of 241 articles (51 of these are either new or updated from version 3.5) that are all meant to provide quick information about various aspects of performance testing with Visual...
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    Visual Studio Web Standards Update

    Putting aside the debate on whether or not developers should use Silverlight or HTML5 with regards to Windows “8”, if you’re currently using Visual Studio and are trying to implement some HTML5 features then you’ve probably noticed...
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    Making a Case for TFS

    Successful software projects manifest themselves when teams work together. When a team has good communication and transparency, it tends to find problems sooner. Teams want to come to work and are excited about what they’re building when things...
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    Visual Studio Productivity Tools

    If you’re coding with the Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for hours and hours on a daily basis then you should definitely download and install this free extension. There’s quite a lot of functionality that’s...
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    Bridging the Gap with ALM

    Our friends at TechNet Edge captured some great conversations on the ground at TechEd North America 2011. Check out Jason Zander talking with Richard Campbell about Visual Studio vNext, specifically the upcoming ALM features. ... read more
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    Deep Dive into TFS Reporting

    If you haven’t used the reporting capabilities of Team Foundation Server (TFS) then you’ve certainly been missing a big piece of the product. There are standard reports but more importantly you have the ability to customize and extend those...
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    Don’t Call it a PDC

    Ahhh, I remember it just like yesterday; my first Professional Developers Conference (PDC). It was a week of geeky tech talk, gallons of soda and lots of great information to be had. Who could ask for more? ... read more
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    Windows 8

    Even though most people dread hearing the words “a new version of Windows is soon to be released,” I on the other hand think of all the possibilities that a new operating system (OS) brings with it. ... read more
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    Visual Studio 2010 Events

    Our friends “across the pond” seem to have the right idea as they’re conducting numerous in-person and Live Meeting seminars on all aspects of software development using Visual Studio (VS). ... read more
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