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September, 2011

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    Windows Phone – Mango Update

    To quote the great and all-knowing Lionel Richie: “Well my friends the time has come; raise the roof and have some fun…” Yes, it’s Mango time! A lot has been said about this update and while this technically is an update, the...
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    Build 2011 – ALM Wrap-up

    Microsoft had an outstanding //Build conference for 2011. It was held from September 13 to September 16, 2011 in Anaheim, California. For those interested in ALM, there were a lot of exciting new features announced for Visual Studio and Team Foundation...
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview VM

    There was certainly no shortage of information and demo’s from the Build event. I think the best part of the conference was the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Those that were there received a tablet with this already loaded but for...
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    Team Foundation Server “in the cloud”

    Remember when you were a kid and saw the beginnings of snow falling and y ou watched it cover each branch of the big evergreen in your backyard and thought: “SNOW DAY!” Or when the holidays came around and gifts were opened and family and...
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    Copying TFS Work Items

    So you want to copy a work item (WI)? Well TFS does indeed have a copy command via the UI which will create a new work item based upon a certain type. ... read more
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    Intro to the ADM Role and PSfD

    It’s always refreshing when new people join an organization and this is especially true when they are passionate about the work they will be doing. That said, Laura Gonzalez is a new ADM within the PSfD business and here’s her perspective...
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