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May, 2012

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    Avoiding Technical Debt

    Among the myriad of reasons why I like employing Scrum for software development, I think the main reason is the frameworks ability to remove what is often called Technical Debt (TD) or Design Debt. Ward Cunnigham was the one who coined the term and simply...
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    An Introduction to ALM - Architecture

    Hey everyone! Yes yes, I do realize it's been forever since I've posted, but hopefully you haven't forgotten about this humble little blog-the thing about the ADM role is, it's never a guarantee when things are gonna start popping up like tulips in spring...
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    Team Foundation Server 11 Power Tools Beta

    If you’ve been using Team Foundation Server (TFS) combined with Visual Studio (VS) then most likely you’ve installed the TFS Power Tools. Prior to this latest incarnation, it provided quite a bit of functionality and was almost not an optional...
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