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June, 2012

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    Windows Azure Spring Release

    Since I mentioned this new release in my other post I figured I’d expand a little bit more on some of the features that it provides. The Azure team recently unveiled the biggest update to Windows Azure since its release, including new Windows Azure...
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    Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012 RC

    Testing has changed dramatically over the last several years, and what the Microsoft patterns & practices team learned has changed our tools and our workflows. While the goal of a testing organization is to continuously test a system to ensure the...
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    Capturing Webcam Images

    It seemed like a simple task really; capture a still image from a webcam and save it to a file. Unfortunately something that appeared so simple was quite complex. If you’re familiar with C++ and want to use the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) API...
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    Microsoft Leader in ALM Technology

    If you’ve been following this blog then it should come as no surprise that I’m a big proponent of Visual Studio (VS) and Team Foundation Server/Service (TFS). While the days of VB6 and Visual Source Safe (VSS) were classic and grand, the capabilities...
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    Visual Studio Agents

    I immensely enjoy working with the “latest and greatest” software but as is always the case, being on the cutting edge does mean that there are certain nuisances that are to be expected. Having said that I fully expected a knockdown, drag...
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