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November, 2012

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    Windows Azure Community Event

    On November 14, 2012, Microsoft will be hosting Windows AzureConf, a free event for the Windows Azure community. This event will feature a keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie , along with numerous sessions executed by Windows Azure community members...
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    Introduction to TypeScript

    I enjoy developing software in a multitude of languages although I will freely admit that I’m not a huge fan of JavaScript (or should I say ECMAScript?) by any stretch of the imagination. However , if you’re more familiar with that “language”...
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    Team Foundation Service is Live

    We all knew this day would come and so it has. Well actually that day was yesterday (10/31) but due to Hurricane Sandy I’m a day late. The Team Foundation Service (TFService) is now in production and pricing information can be found here. ... read...
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