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December, 2012

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    Windows 8 App Contest

    The holidays are definitely for spending time with family and friends however for me, when there’s an app/dev contest to win I can’t help but think about coding. It started innocently enough as a few members of my team said they had some ideas...
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    Scaled PushPin Sample (Bing Maps)

    Dmitry Lyalin is an Application Development Manager (ADM) and he’s been active in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 development. That being said here’s his latest contribution: Scaled PushPin Sample (C# / XAML apps) [ link ] The Bing...
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    .NET SDK for Hadoop Update

    If you’re doing any development in the “big data” space then you’ll want to be aware of an update to the .NET SDK for Hadoop. This release contains updated versions ( of Map/Reduce, LINQ To Hive, and a new WebHDFS...
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    ALM Summit 3

    If you are an ALM manager, lead, or practitioner who is passionate about mastering your craft, you should register now to attend ALM Summit 3 this coming January 28 - February 1, 2013 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. ... read...
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