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  • Blog Post: Building a Release Pipeline with TFS

    Leaders in the world of online businesses have shrunk the timeline for software delivery from months to days or even hours. No matter what size business you have, customers now expect features such as real-time customer service and frequent releases of services. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools

    It seems just yesterday that I mentioned the Power Tools for TFS 2012 and the benefits that it provides. Fast forward to today and the Power Tools for TFS 2013 are now available and have all been updated to work with VS 2013 and TFS 2013. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Holy //BUILD Batman!

    I thought the previous //BUILD conferences had a lot of content but this year definitely surpassed it. Although I couldn’t do the whole conference justice in a single blog post, here are a few key highlights... read more
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2013

    Today, Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2013, the next release of is integrated developer tools solution for building modern applications for devices, the cloud and on the client. Visual Studio 2013 Preview software will be released at Build 2013. ... read more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 3 Released

    For those that aren’t aware, WebMatrix is a free, lightweight web development tool that was first introduced in 2010 which provides a great, focused web development experience for ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2012 Update 2

    Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2) is now available for download. Just as with VS2012.1, this release contains important fixes as well as a wealth of new functionality, addressing feedback received from the community and aligning with key software development trends in the market. The new functionality...
  • Blog Post: Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

    The ALM Rangers have released the eBook: Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes and it’s available via Codeplex. This eBook contains practical guidance for migrating to and unit testing with Microsoft Fakes. ... read more
  • Blog Post: ALM Summit Content Available On-Demand

    January's ALM Summit on the Microsoft Campus brought together some of the greatest minds in application development, methodologies, and application lifecycle management. All of the sessions were recorded and are now available for on-demand viewing on Channel 9. ... read more
  • Blog Post: ALM Readiness Treasure Map

    If you’re not familiar with the ALM Rangers then you’re certainly missing out on some of the most important content/guidance being offered when it comes to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). I’ve mentioned them before on numerous occasions as I’ve personally used their guidance...
  • Blog Post: TFS and VS 2012 Update 1 Released

    Since I’ve been using the Team Foundation Service more frequently I almost tend to forget to look for updates/bug fixes for my local TFS instance. If you’ve launched Visual Studio (VS) recently you’ve probably noticed that some updates are available, namely “Update 1.” Usually...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 App Contest

    The holidays are definitely for spending time with family and friends however for me, when there’s an app/dev contest to win I can’t help but think about coding. It started innocently enough as a few members of my team said they had some ideas for an app and that building them and comparing...
  • Blog Post: ALM Summit 3

    If you are an ALM manager, lead, or practitioner who is passionate about mastering your craft, you should register now to attend ALM Summit 3 this coming January 28 - February 1, 2013 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Kanban Introduced to TFS

    There are a number of Agile methodologies when it comes to software development. Some may argue that there are too many flavors but I’ll leave that discussion for another day. Today however is all about Kanban and how it is now a part of the Team Foundation Service and according to Brian Harry...
  • Blog Post: Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012 RC

    Testing has changed dramatically over the last several years, and what the Microsoft patterns & practices team learned has changed our tools and our workflows. While the goal of a testing organization is to continuously test a system to ensure the best experience for its customers, the reality is...
  • Blog Post: Avoiding Technical Debt

    Among the myriad of reasons why I like employing Scrum for software development, I think the main reason is the frameworks ability to remove what is often called Technical Debt (TD) or Design Debt. Ward Cunnigham was the one who coined the term and simply put, the concept is when improper code is created...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Service White Paper

    While the Team Foundation Service (previously known as TFS Azure) is still in preview mode that doesn’t mean that guidance and best practices should not be addressed. I’ve created quite a few blog posts on the features and capabilities that the TFService provides as well as some components...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio ALM Rangers Report

    Visual Studio ALM Rangers always produce some incredible content and this latest round is no exception. 70 v olunteer Rangers worked together with product group members to create 20 Ranger solutions. This number broke all their past records and is a great example of the “Ranger muscle” at...
  • Blog Post: An Introduction to ALM - Gathering Requirements

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first part of our ALM Series! If you're just joining in on this series and you want to know more about ALM, check out my introduction post here. Let's go ahead and get started with the first phase of ALM. But first, a strategically placed philosophical quote to provoke...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 11 and the Power of ALM

    It’s no surprise that I’m a big proponent of Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset which means that I’m always on the lookout for great content be it video, podcasts, hands on labs, virtual machines, etc. Therefore when I came across Cameron Skinner, general...
  • Blog Post: ALM Summit 2011 Materials Now Available

    The ALM Summit in November 2011 reaffirmed Microsoft’s position of thought leadership in Application Lifecycle Management and Agile Practices. Luminaries from across the software industry presented, covering the evolution of practices across both the Microsoft and Open Source Software (OSS) communities...
  • Blog Post: Scrum Master/Developer Certification

    Having been indoctrinated in the use of Agile principles a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, it was about time that I became Scrum certified. To that end, I just finished attending a week long class which was delivered by Rod Claar (from RippleRock) and Doug Shimp (from 3Back). Scrum is quite a...
  • Blog Post: Scrumtastic

    If you’ve been doing software development and haven’t heard of Scrum than shame on you because Agile methodologies have a lot to offer. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Making a Case for TFS

    Successful software projects manifest themselves when teams work together. When a team has good communication and transparency, it tends to find problems sooner. Teams want to come to work and are excited about what they’re building when things are going right... read more
  • Blog Post: “To the Cloud” with TFS

    The more time I spend using Team Foundation Server (TFS), the more I believe it’s an integral component of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Framework. Now while most organizations employ some sort of source control and change management system there are those that still “wing it”...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio vNext Application Lifecycle Management

    Today kicked off TechEd 2011 and there’s no shortage of news coming out of the conference. Most notable is what Visual Studio has to offer concerning application lifecycle management (ALM). ... read more
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