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  • Blog Post: Working with OneNote 2013

    I remember when school mainly consisted of pens/pencils and good ol’ fashion paper notebooks. Of today’s technology hasn’t totally eliminated these methods of note taking but when it comes to the “digital lifestyle”, you certainly can’t beat OneNote. OneNote has definitely...
  • Blog Post: Excel 2013 New Features

    After conducting training for Office 2010 there was always the proverbial question of “What’s Next?” Well if you’ve been using Office 2013 Customer Preview then you know that there are a lot of new features packed into this latest version of Office. ... read more
  • Blog Post: A Sea of Change

    Momentum is a fickle friend. When you have it you don’t want to lose it and when you don’t have it you’ll give almost anything to get it. I’d say Microsoft has the momentum because wow, what a week this is shaping up to be. First, Windows 8 releases to manufacturing (RTM), then...
  • Blog Post: Build Conference 2012

    In January Tim O’Brien, General Manager of Developer & Platform Evangelism outlined the path forward for Microsoft developers in his blog post titled: “Thinking About Developer Events.” Today he announced that BUILD 2012 will be held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond...
  • Blog Post: Office 2013 Preview

    This is going to be a tremendous year for Microsoft. Steve Ballmer equates this year to when Windows 95 was released by saying: “ The new, modern Office will deliver unparalleled productivity and flexibility for both consumers and business customers. It is a cloud service and will fully light-up...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure and Office 365 Price Reduction

    It seems nowadays that nothing ever goes down but rather quite the opposite. So when I learned that not only Windows Azure pricing was reduced but also Office 365 I just had to spread the good news. That said, Microsoft has halved the price of its entry-level server for Windows Azure infrastructure as...
  • Blog Post: Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 SP1

    A quick post to mention that the Office Sustained Engineering and Release team has released the first service pack (SP) for Office and SharePoint 2010. ... read more
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