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  • Blog Post: SQL Server Power View (aka Project Crescent)

    I remember when creating reports were a daunting task and one that I generally left for last to complete. I think almost every developer I’ve come in contact with throughout the years is under the same impression (although there are exceptions to every rule) however with the release of SQL Server...
  • Blog Post: Creating Custom Team Foundation Server Reports

    If you’re currently using Team Foundation Server (TFS) then you already know about the standard reports that come with a specific template (e.g. Scrum, MSF for Agile, etc.). If these canned reports (or even a customized work item query) retrieve all the data you need, then your journey ends here...
  • Blog Post: Deep Dive into TFS Reporting

    If you haven’t used the reporting capabilities of Team Foundation Server (TFS) then you’ve certainly been missing a big piece of the product. There are standard reports but more importantly you have the ability to customize and extend those reports as well as create your own. ... read more
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Reporting Services

    Users demand high performance reporting along with real-time data so when the reports they use are slow or even worse not functional, you’re sure to hear about it. Because performance issues, especially in a distributed product such as SQL Server more
  • Blog Post: Technology to Support Agile: VS & TFS

    If an Agile methodology is to be implemented there needs to be some tools for the participants to use. For developers that will most likely be Visual Studio (VS) utilizing Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source control and more. The business analyst more
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