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  • Blog Post: Azure SQL Data Premium Now Available

    Recently at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Satya Nadella announced a new Premium service for Windows Azure SQL Database that delivers more predictable performance for business-critical applications. This limited preview has now been expanded. SQL Database customers with account administrator...
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 3 Released

    For those that aren’t aware, WebMatrix is a free, lightweight web development tool that was first introduced in 2010 which provides a great, focused web development experience for ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Build 2013 Developer Conference

    I can't believe almost 6 months has passed since the last Build conference. This year the event will be held between June 26–28 in San Francisco where Microsoft will share what's next for Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, and more. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Services on Windows Server

    Yesterday, Microsoft announced the general availability of System Center 2012 Service Pack 1, which brings the full range of System Center management to Windows Server 2012 for private and hybrid cloud. With this release, you will be able to use Windows Server, System Center 2012 SP1 and Web Sites service...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 App Contest

    The holidays are definitely for spending time with family and friends however for me, when there’s an app/dev contest to win I can’t help but think about coding. It started innocently enough as a few members of my team said they had some ideas for an app and that building them and comparing...
  • Blog Post: Synchronize SQL Server and SQL Azure using Sync Framework

    Zafar Kapadia is back with a new blog post on synchronization between an on premises SQL Server and SQL Azure. The sample code illustrates how to successfully implement this functionality via the Sync Framework and is a great starting point if you're new to this type of synchronization. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Migrating an On-Premise Database from SQL Server to SQL Azure using SSIS

    Zafar Kapadia who is a Technical Account Manager here at Microsoft has created a fantastic blog post showing, as the name implies, exactly what steps need to be completed to migrate an on-premise database from SQL Server to SQL Azure using SSIS. ... read more
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2012 Virtual Labs

    I enjoy learning by doing as opposed to a lecture based format so having access to a free lab environment via Microsoft Virtual Labs is too good to pass up. Combine this with SQL Server 2012 and it’s the perfect time to learn about some of the new features it provides. There are quite a few labs...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Power View (aka Project Crescent)

    I remember when creating reports were a daunting task and one that I generally left for last to complete. I think almost every developer I’ve come in contact with throughout the years is under the same impression (although there are exceptions to every rule) however with the release of SQL Server...
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure Import/Export Service

    Cirrus clouds are certainly beautiful but “the cloud” within technology is truly a wonderful thing. It offers so much versatility and almost limitless possibility that it’s now become a focal point when talking about development (new or migration). It’s great to have the ability...
  • Blog Post: Deep Dive into TFS Reporting

    If you haven’t used the reporting capabilities of Team Foundation Server (TFS) then you’ve certainly been missing a big piece of the product. There are standard reports but more importantly you have the ability to customize and extend those reports as well as create your own. ... read more
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Reporting Services

    Users demand high performance reporting along with real-time data so when the reports they use are slow or even worse not functional, you’re sure to hear about it. Because performance issues, especially in a distributed product such as SQL Server more
  • Blog Post: Entity Framework - Stored Procedure Mapping

    I recently was asked a question about the Entity Framework’s (EF) “Stored Procedure Mapping” context menu from the designer. There were actually two issues wrapped into one question. The first part of the question was around the ability more
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