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  • Blog Post: Holy //BUILD Batman!

    I thought the previous //BUILD conferences had a lot of content but this year definitely surpassed it. Although I couldn’t do the whole conference justice in a single blog post, here are a few key highlights... read more
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Agents

    I immensely enjoy working with the “latest and greatest” software but as is always the case, being on the cutting edge does mean that there are certain nuisances that are to be expected. Having said that I fully expected a knockdown, drag out fight to ensue when I wanted to configure the...
  • Blog Post: Exploratory Testing with Test Manager (Developer Preview)

    A long time ago I remember a tester telling me that “one of the best tests of a system is when I’m not following a script per say but just ‘playing around’ with it.” I think that statement resonates to a lot of testers and with the recent release of the developer preview...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Testing

    Most developers will say that “ testing and documentation have their place but right now I need to churn out code .” While developer’s need to develop without anyone handicapping their efforts, testing in a large part goes hand in hand more
  • Blog Post: Building Quality Applications

    Quality considerations are of paramount importance in the software business. It has long been understood that the costs of defects rise significantly when they are not caught early. The agile community, for example, refers to “failing fast” more
  • Blog Post: Best Practices for Testing Software

    I briefly touched on this topic in my last post but I wanted to devote more time to it as it’s an important piece of the software development puzzle. I’m not going to go into detail on how to construct a test plan as there are numerous examples more
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