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  • Blog Post: Building a Release Pipeline with TFS

    Leaders in the world of online businesses have shrunk the timeline for software delivery from months to days or even hours. No matter what size business you have, customers now expect features such as real-time customer service and frequent releases of services. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Training and SDK

    Cloud development is becoming more and more prevalent which is why having the ability to access training and an SDK is something every company in that space should/needs to provide. To that end, the following training kit and SDK created by Microsoft will help you when starting your development journey...
  • Blog Post: Working with OneNote 2013

    I remember when school mainly consisted of pens/pencils and good ol’ fashion paper notebooks. Of today’s technology hasn’t totally eliminated these methods of note taking but when it comes to the “digital lifestyle”, you certainly can’t beat OneNote. OneNote has definitely...
  • Blog Post: Build 2013 Developer Conference

    I can't believe almost 6 months has passed since the last Build conference. This year the event will be held between June 26–28 in San Francisco where Microsoft will share what's next for Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, and more. ... read more
  • Blog Post: ALM Summit Content Available On-Demand

    January's ALM Summit on the Microsoft Campus brought together some of the greatest minds in application development, methodologies, and application lifecycle management. All of the sessions were recorded and are now available for on-demand viewing on Channel 9. ... read more
  • Blog Post: ALM Readiness Treasure Map

    If you’re not familiar with the ALM Rangers then you’re certainly missing out on some of the most important content/guidance being offered when it comes to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). I’ve mentioned them before on numerous occasions as I’ve personally used their guidance...
  • Blog Post: ALM Summit 3

    If you are an ALM manager, lead, or practitioner who is passionate about mastering your craft, you should register now to attend ALM Summit 3 this coming January 28 - February 1, 2013 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. ... read more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Community Event

    On November 14, 2012, Microsoft will be hosting Windows AzureConf, a free event for the Windows Azure community. This event will feature a keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie , along with numerous sessions executed by Windows Azure community members. .. read more
  • Blog Post: Apps, Apps and More Apps

    It’s no secret that to have a viable mobile platform there needs to be not only a good foundational operating system but more importantly applications to add to it. While the Windows Phone is a great platform, clearly it needs developers to build applications that enterprise customers want as well...
  • Blog Post: Build Conference 2012

    In January Tim O’Brien, General Manager of Developer & Platform Evangelism outlined the path forward for Microsoft developers in his blog post titled: “Thinking About Developer Events.” Today he announced that BUILD 2012 will be held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2012 Virtual Labs

    I enjoy learning by doing as opposed to a lecture based format so having access to a free lab environment via Microsoft Virtual Labs is too good to pass up. Combine this with SQL Server 2012 and it’s the perfect time to learn about some of the new features it provides. There are quite a few labs...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Certification Program: Looking Back at 2011

    Some think certifications are just revenue generating schemes created by companies to push more of their product. Others think no certification in the world can replace years of experience “in the trenches” business acumen. While both of these psychologies have merit in some cases, most often...
  • Blog Post: Knowing Your Audience

    I’ve recently embarked on a somewhat new endeavor as a trainer albeit it's only temporary. I’m certainly not new to this type of role as I’m always evangelizing Microsoft technology and helping customers understand and use these products more effectively, whether this is specific to...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server Training Kit

    Training is paramount when you’re either creating or implementing software. This is precisely why I like Microsoft Virtual Labs so much because it offers training on multiple technologies and what's better than training that's free, can be done remotely and on your schedule? These three virtual...
  • Blog Post: Expression Studio Ultimate

    Trying to convey to developers or other IT related staff a new concept or how to accomplish a certain task via KB articles, MSDN code samples, conference calls, etc. is sometimes a daunting task. This is why I’ve always been under the impression that “seeing” does wonders compared to...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2010 and Windows Phone 7 Training Course

    The Windows Phone 7 platform contains great out of the box integration with SharePoint under the Office Hub. But what if you want to create your own custom applications on the phone that leverage SharePoint 2010 data and services? ... read more
  • Blog Post: Don’t Call it a PDC

    Ahhh, I remember it just like yesterday; my first Professional Developers Conference (PDC). It was a week of geeky tech talk, gallons of soda and lots of great information to be had. Who could ask for more? ... read more
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 Events

    Our friends “across the pond” seem to have the right idea as they’re conducting numerous in-person and Live Meeting seminars on all aspects of software development using Visual Studio (VS). ... read more
  • Blog Post: Getting Started with HTML5

    Now that all of the major browsers support most of the HTML5 specification, it’s time to start exploring what all the fuss is about. At MIX11, HTML5 was one of the hottest topics whether about development, IE9, IE10 or Mango’s native browser support it was mentioned in almost every session...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Virtual Labs

    I’m always looking for training on new Microsoft technology and while white papers and sample code have their place they do leave something to be desired. Videos are definitely an improvement and when combined with the aforementioned items work really well but even then problems arise. ... read...
  • Blog Post: ALM Summit

    Sure, its spring and the last thing you want to think about is snow filled days in November but it’s never too early to plan for the next ALM Summit . While this conference isn’t free it does have some fantastic speakers on tap, namely two more
  • Blog Post: Training Resources

    I get asked a lot of questions (I’m still working on “how exactly big is the universe?”) but one that always comes up is the following: “Is there any training available for [insert product name here]?” Thankfully I normally more
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