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  • Blog Post: Holy //BUILD Batman!

    I thought the previous //BUILD conferences had a lot of content but this year definitely surpassed it. Although I couldn’t do the whole conference justice in a single blog post, here are a few key highlights... read more
  • Blog Post: Importing Custom Work Items into TFS

    Today a colleague of mine asked me for some help with a problem revolving around Team Foundation Server (TFS) so of course I said “sure, no problem.” I figured it’d be a no-brainer but as anyone will tell you, life often has other plans. ... read more
  • Blog Post: WiX’in Up with XML

    Creating installation packages is not something any developer likes to see on their task list because of the complexities that present iteself but it is a necessary evil to get software installed on an end users machine. There are some very good third party tools available that aid in reducing these...
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