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This is the official team Web Log for Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) SQL Support. Posts are provided by the CSS SQL Escalation Services
  • Blog Post: When Does sp_prepare Return Metadata

    I was running an RML Utilities Suite test pass and encountered varying behavior from our sp_prepare suite.  Here is what I uncovered. The command sp_prepare returns (or does not return) metadata depending on the server version.  For the client version, it is only significant whether it is prior...
  • Blog Post: Behavior Change When Handling Character Conversions SQL Server’s ODBC Driver (SQL 2012 – Version 11.xx)

    Summary The SQL Server 2012 ODBC Driver (SQLNCLI11.dll) updated handling of SQL_WCHAR* (NCHAR/NVARCHAR/NVARCHAR(MAX)) and SQL_CHAR* (CHAR/VARCHAR/NARCHAR(MAX)) conversions. The change was made to accommodate surrogate pair behavior as outlined at:
  • Blog Post: Dipping My Toes Into SQL Azure

    My high school English teacher once told me that I should always have a spell checker on my computer.   This might help explain why I never make it past the first couple of chapters in any technical publication before I have to ' try-it-out .' Over the last month I have spent several of my...
  • Blog Post: How to get a x64 version of Jet?

    We have had a number of people ask about how they can get the Jet ODBC driver/OLE DB Provider as 64 bit.  Windows only ships the 32 bit versions of these.  The answer is that the windows versions won’t be x64 as those items are deprecated.  What does deprecated mean?  Here is the...
  • Blog Post: How to configure Database mirroring for use with ODBC applications?

    If you have an ODBC application that is connecting to a mirrored database and if The application uses a connection string without a database name ( for e.g: dsn=ssistest;uid=ssistest;pwd=*********) The DSN is configured to use SQL authentication with a non-blank password. The default...
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