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CSS SQL Server Engineers

This is the official team Web Log for Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) SQL Support. Posts are provided by the CSS SQL Escalation Services
  • Blog Post: sp_reset_connection – Rate Usage (Don’t fight over the grapes)

    Discussions surrounding sp_reset_connection behavior and usage come up all the time and over the years I have discussed the subject 100s of times with customers.  Blogs, API documentation and Books Online describe SQL Server, pooled connections behavior.   Under the covers SQL Server uses...
  • Blog Post: Breaking Down 18056

    We have had two blog posts on this blog regarding the 18056 error.  Two from Bob Dorr (and part 2 ) and another from Tejas Shah .  However, we still see a lot of questions about this error message. This error message can show up for different reasons.  After those two blog posts were made...
  • Blog Post: How It Works: Error 18056 - The client was unable to reuse a session with SPID ##, which had been reset for connection pooling

    This message has come across my desk a couple of times in the last week and when that happens I like to produce blog content. The error is when you are trying to use a pooled connection and the reset of the connection state encounters an error. Additional details are often logged in the SQL Server error...
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