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CSS SQL Server Engineers

This is the official team Web Log for Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) SQL Support. Posts are provided by the CSS SQL Escalation Services
  • Blog Post: Getting Cross Domain Kerberos and Delegation working with SSIS Package

    I started working on this issue started by way of a Twitter conversation between myself, Jorge Segarra ( @sqlchicken ) and Matt Masson ( @mattmasson ). I then found out that Jorge was working with a customer that had opened up a Support Case.  Also special thanks to Joey Seifert for letting me bounce...
  • Blog Post: SSIS 2005 and the .NET Garbage Collector

    I was troubleshooting an SSIS Out of Memory issue the other day which led us into how the .NET Garbage Collector (GC) works.  When debugging it, I found that we were using the Workstation GC with Concurrent GC On (this is the default for .NET applications).  The following blog discusses the...
  • Blog Post: How to copy DTS 2000 packages between servers (and from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 and SQL 2008)

    I was posed the question today, how do I migrate my SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to a SQL 2005 Server without upgrading them, thus leaving them as legacy DTS 2000 packages within SQL 2005? In other words, how do I copy or move DTS 2000 packages into SQL Server 2005... If you did an in-place upgrade...
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