I made it through my first week at Microsoft, still no rain. The first week as gone by so quickly, App Building was a huge success. We learned a lot of good information from using the product to build apps. This is very valuable because we are at a stage were feedback is important and we are able to change the things that need to be changed.

Program Management

So what is it like to be a PM at Microsoft? It’s only been one week but so far so good. I will try to bring you along as I travel along in Microsoft navigating the massive company and massive amount of information. First rule of Microsoft is Email is King. At Microsoft Email is the primary mode of discussions, thoughts, announcements. Even my voice mail shows up in my inbox. Outlook is the application that I live in. The second rule is meetings are Queen. One important function of a Program Manager is to design product features. For example the how many buttons, which button, what happens when the user clicks on it. A feature is usually a small atomic part of the product. These can be very complex to design and require a lot of collaboration with other teams and other members on your team. This is done through 1. Email 2. Meetings. Mastering these two skills will be the foundation for a successful Microsoft Program Manager career.