So this morning I watched the PDC live from my desk in Redmond. This was great to be able to see all of the presentations without leaving my office (except for a bathroom break). It seems like 3 hrs is a long presentation. They had so much information to put out I guess. It all started, as it should, with the Red Vs Blue Halo video. They talked about Avalon, which is the presentation layer for "Longhorn". There were many cool new features like XAML. XAML is going to allow developers to declaratively create rich UIs. They should some cool features of WinFS which is the new unified storage system. They talked about WinFX which is the Longhorn API set. Amazon did a great Indigo demo. Indigo is the communication layer, including Web Services, Remoting, and Reliable Messaging. They demoed "ClickOnce" a unified build system.