Welcome to the New Year and welcome to my new blog. I am a Program Manager for Microsoft on the Visual Studio team. Our team is responsible for Office programmability. Our first product is Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System or just VSTO. So as I am working on the next version of Office, Visual Studio. and Windows. I will focus my blog on these issues of Office Development.

This is going to be an exciting year at Microsoft, not to mention that this is the year of Halo 2. This year we should also see the next version of Visual Studio codename “Whidbey” and Beta 1 of the next version of Windows codename “Longhorn” So I will attempt to blog about the issues around these three converging worlds of Office, Visual Studio and Windows.

There are also others on my team that are blogging as well . Peter Torr is the master blogger around here. I don't think he actually sleeps. At least that is my theory of how he writes so much. We also have a VSTO team blogs that already has some great content. Also two good friends of mine at OfficeZealot.com , Charles Maxson and Chris Kunicki are blogging about Office Development.