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March, 2004

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Paul Stubbs is a Microsoft Architect for Windows Azure focusing on solution development and SharePoint. Previously Paul worked with the information worker development community around SharePoint and Office, Silverlight, and Web 2.0 social networking. Paul has also worked as a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio team in Redmond, Washington. Paul is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and has received Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certifications. He has authored three books on solution development using Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Silverlight, several articles for MSDN Magazine, and has also spoken at many conferences such as Tech-Ed, Build, MIX, and the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and Tech-Ready.

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    Do you have iPod Envy?

    My wife has wanted to get an MP3 player for a while and I have been looking for the right one. I have a couple of ( ViewSonic and Hitachi )PocketPC's that I use and have been thinking about why not just use the PPC to play the music. The problem is that...
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    Office 12 is Coming

    It looks like MVP's will get the first look at some details of the next version of Office.,1759,1543350,00.asp If you are not an MVP here is the site to get you started.
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    Microsoft Research - TechFest

    I attended day 1 of MSR TechFest yesterday here on campus. This was my first one. I was very impressed with all the work that the researchers have been doing. Show and Tell at TechFest and Microsoft Researchers Display Wares at TechFest There were...
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