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February, 2005

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Paul Stubbs is a Microsoft Architect for Windows Azure focusing on solution development and SharePoint. Previously Paul worked with the information worker development community around SharePoint and Office, Silverlight, and Web 2.0 social networking. Paul has also worked as a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio team in Redmond, Washington. Paul is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and has received Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certifications. He has authored three books on solution development using Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Silverlight, several articles for MSDN Magazine, and has also spoken at many conferences such as Tech-Ed, Build, MIX, and the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and Tech-Ready.

  • Paul Stubbs

    Turn off the Language Bar

    One annoying feature of XP is the Language Bar. This is the little toolbar that opens at the bottom of your screen and has no apparent purpose ( Microsoft Windows XP - What is the Language bar? ). Since it takes up valuable space on the Taskbar I want...
  • Paul Stubbs

    VSTO 2005 makes Smart Tags smarter (and easier)

    Smart Tags are VSTO’s newest feature. They have been added to the product since Beta 1 has shipped. VSTO 2005 does for Smart Tags what it did for Action Pane , makes it easy and understandable for a .net programmer. Smart Tags in Office have been around...
  • Paul Stubbs

    Office DevCon Day 3: VSTO 2005 is the star of the BillG Keynote

    So it’s the last day of the Office Developers conference and the best was definitely saved for last: a full day of VSTO 2005. The day started with an excellent demo of Visual Studio code snippets by Matt Hessinger . (See his MSDN Article : Overview of...
  • Paul Stubbs

    Office DevCon Day 2: Ask the Experts

    The first day of the conference was great! There has been so much information about Office development. It is refreshing to see Office seriously getting behind the Office developers to help them be successful. On day two I spent my lunch with some other...
  • Paul Stubbs

    Office Developers ARE the key to Office's success

    This article Microsoft Hosts First Office Systems Developers Conference correctly points outs that developers are key to Office being successful. I think that has always been true for Microsoft. Developers are key to the Windows platform as they are to...
  • Paul Stubbs

    Office Developers Conference Starts Today

    The Microsoft Office System 2003 Developers conference starts today here on the Microsoft campus. I think this is a great start at bringing the Office Developer into the spotlight. Office is a powerful platform for developers. In the past the focus has...
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