One of my favorite features in the latest version of VSTO is ClickOnce Deployment. ClickOnce deployment makes securely deploying my Office add-in and document level solutions easy. VSTO deployment supports, Local, HTTP, UNC, CD/DVD and USB locations. This gives you the flexibility to deploy your application where it makes sense for you.  Deployment also supports offline, automatic updating and rollback. Oh, I know that it was challenging in the past. But now in VSTO Orcas all of that CASPOL messiness is behind us. Still can't believe it, let's walk through a simple deployment scenario.

1. Create a new VSTO project.

2. Run the Publish Wizard

3. Or Set the Publish properties for more control

4. Install the published Add-in

5. Allow the add-in to install

6. Done! It's installed and trusted

7.Run Office

You can verify that the add-in is installed and running.

That's it. Super simple. The next CTP and Beta 2 of Visual Studio Orcas will contain all of the new deployment features of VSTO.