I thought it would be interesting on Christmas eve to compare the two models of distributing presents (content/services). I have put together a short list of features for each model.

Santa (Server/Cloud) has a global approach to delivering presents.

  • Single source for distribution.
  • Strict service level agreements to deliver all presents by morning.
  • Centrally located.
  • Single source for all content (elves making toys).
  • Large support workforce behind the scenes (elves keep everything running smooth).
  • Course security model, Naughty or Nice. And the list is only checked twice.
  • Must break laws of physics to meet service level agreements.

Parents (Edge computing) has a distributed approach to delivering presents.

  • Only need to deliver presents (content) to a small number of children (users).
  • No service level agreements, but rarely goes down. And outages only effect a small number of users.
  • Multi-sourced content (Walmart, Target, Amazon etc).
  • Small (1or 2) people support workforce.
  • More granular security model. Able to consider more data points in real-time to determine, naughty or nice.
  • More personal support services.

Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. I think that the best approach is to use both models together. This is the foundation of S+S. Use the richness and power of edge devices such as Windows to leverage the services in the cloud. Just like Santa and parents working together to deliver the best possible experience for the children.

Merry Christmas.

Please leave me your own points in the comments.