Are you a developer looking to expand your skills and marketability with SharePoint? SharePoint has a large surface area which can be intimidating for people just starting out. Take this free online SharePoint course to get up to speed quickly.

Ramp Up 

Where do you begin?

A good place to start is with the Ramp Up free online training courses. The training is a good mix of Documents, Slides, Videos, walkthroughs and hands on labs. The site also allows you to track your progress and manage your learning.

SharePoint for Developers - Part 1

  • Web Parts
  • Data Lists
  • Event Handlers
  • Workflow
  • Silverlight Web Parts

SharePoint for Developers - Part 2

  • Page Navigation
  • Page Branding
  • Web Services
  • Custom Content Types
  • User Management

Get started today with your SharePoint career! SharePoint skills are white hot right now.