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Build 2014 and WPDEV: What you need to know #1

Build 2014 and WPDEV: What you need to know #1

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Note: Lots of things have changed. We've released a new Windows Phone platform and a new aligned Windows Client 8.1 update. With these releases, we have delivered a huge step towards a single unified platform for developers. I'm going to start blogging in short, manageable ways to report on things you may not know, (since so much has changed).


Item #1: Downloading the Windows Phone SDK

Did you know there really isn't a downloadable, installable package called the "Windows Phone SDK" anymore? This means that pages like this can be a bit confusing for folks.

Historically, SDKs at Microsoft were "everything you need" to build an app for a specific platform. This would typically include a command line compiler, and tons of headers and .LIB files that gave you the ability to simply call into Win32 from C. As Visual Studio became our more predominate IDE, this morphed over time, but we still talk about SDKs, and this occasionally generates confusion.

In the interest of driving clarity, here's what you need to know.

  1. All you need to build 'Universal' apps for Windows, (both phone and tablet/pc) is a copy of Visual Studio 2013 with the RC of Update 2
  2. People with existing installations of a version of Visual Studio 2013 can install RC of update 2 using this download.
  3. If you do not currently have a version of Visual Studio 2013 installed, you can download the 'free' Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows Store Apps. This version is available with RC of Update 2 already installed here.

That is all



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