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PTaylor's WebLog

Flight Sim discussions; mostly on the core platform ( graphics and terrain, platform team, sim engine, geo tools and geo data, international, internal tools, technical art ) plus news on releases and updates, and the occasional tweaks and tips.

February, 2007

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About PTaylor's WebLog

News about Aces Studio and our products ( Flight Sim, Train Sim, ESP )  from the source.

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    Timeline Update:XP,DX9,DX10

    Now that my blog is all over arstechnica and digg, I need to correct something that is being misconstrued in my post about XP and DX10. XP shipped in 2001 with DX8.1. DX9 shipped Dec 2002. At that point the DX9 bits were final and could be used...
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    SP1 Status

    SP1 Status update: We are still working the list of bugs. We are down to the last 10-15% of the planned work, so we are getting close to closing the SP down. We do have an extensive test pass planned, and there is an emerging security issue in a...
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    Why DX10 wasnt created on XP and why it isnt in XP

    Lets consider the software development lifecycle, the DX10 lifecycle, and the history of Vista, The first step taken is to create a code branch for the new OS. XP RTM'ed in August 2001. I remember the ship party and still wear the t-shirt. As changes...
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    What are the components of DX10

    A poster on a previous thread on AVSim.com made the comment: "DX10 is an API from what I understand, e.g. they could compile it for XP, if they wanted to, it doesn't have to be exclusive for Viata. besides I don't care about it that much it will be...
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    The PC Industry, Multicore, and FSX ( with a little DX10 thrown in for good measure )

    This is a recap of an AVSim.com post, that I wanted to capture here. I'd like to take the time to address 2 areas that come up often: 1)FSX designing for multicore 2)FSX designing for DX10 1)FSX designing for multicore As I stated in a...
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