SP1 Status update:

We are still working the list of bugs. We are down to the last 10-15% of the planned work, so we are getting close to closing the SP down.

We do have an extensive test pass planned, and there is an emerging security issue in a shared component we get from Office that may force a setup change on us and force us to synchronize our release with the security fix.

I can share a couple of teasers, though. We have a set of fixes for 3rd party developers and broken end user content that are going to fix many of our worst issues. I cannot guarantee we are going to fix every one of these, nor can I guarantee we will fix everyones' favorite flying place and every content issue.

For instance, we are not fixing the landclass issues. It is too big and systemic. We need to globally update our landclass data, that is really the only way.

Here are some before and after screenshots of places we are fixing, though:

Lisbon Before

Lisbon After

River Thames Before, Image 1     River Thames Before, Image 2

River Thames After, Image 1        River Thames After, Image 2

And here is a before and after screenshot of a rendering type bug we fixed:

Dusk Before                            

Dusk After

So you can get the flavor of what is in SP1 besides the performance fixes.

In terms of the performance work, some of those fixes are already in and we are doing early perf testing, some of those fixes are still in-flight. Its just going to take a bit longer.

Expect to hear back from me in a few weeks, 1st week of March at the latest, for the next status update.