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PTaylor's WebLog

Flight Sim discussions; mostly on the core platform ( graphics and terrain, platform team, sim engine, geo tools and geo data, international, internal tools, technical art ) plus news on releases and updates, and the occasional tweaks and tips.

April, 2007

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About PTaylor's WebLog

News about Aces Studio and our products ( Flight Sim, Train Sim, ESP )  from the source.

  • PTaylor's WebLog

    FSX SP1:Beta3 posted

    We just posted SP1 Beta3 to the beta testers. We had a couple extra 3rd party bugs that needed to be fixed ( animated parts, mouse rects on the panels, lighting ) that we needed to fix and in fixing the stutters with the first round of threading code...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    Heads up Vista FSX flyers – Vista multiple monitor fix now available!

    There has been a known issue with Vista and multiple monitors, where trying to go full-screen with any application did not work. A black or flickering screen was the result. Fortunately running windowed was no problem. Customers who called in were...
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    On a positive note

    Now that I have sullied the FSX blogosphere with the machinations from the comments on my blog, :-), how about something positive for the community? The new FSInsider site, at http://www.fsinsider.com is a really nice update. Yours truly now has...
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    Due to BLog spamming by a certain individual

    I can no longer allow unmoderated comments on my blog. Sorry about that, but the comments have ceased to be productive and are being driven by this one vindictive user who insists on venting. I apologize to the community for this one individual ruining...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    FSX SP1: Beta2 posted

    Another step towards a final SP1! We hope Beta2 verifies we have fixed what needs to be fixed. Then we can take a final build end of next week, and start our 2 week final test pass. Thanks for your patience!
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    FSX SP1 News:Intel quote

    Today Intel announced their new 2.93G QX6800 Quad Core processor here . As part of this press release, Aces Studio participated with a quote about our improved multi-core support in SP1. The quote stated “ The latest version of Microsoft Flight...
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