This gets asked all the time and I have replied about it at least a dozen times, so lets make it sticky now with a blog post.

There is 1 patch per language, 7 languages. English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Polish. Edit: Russian is new with SP1 so there is nothing to patch, SP1 goes in the box.

The patch determines if you have Standard or Deluxe, and does the right thing.

Its 210m, give or take.

Except for Japanese since in that geography only the Deluxe SKU was offered. So the Japanese download is about 105m.

Yes, thats a little larger but the convenience factor makes up for that. No downloading the wrong patch and having to start over!

For those of you on a slow connection, a download manager with restart capability is the ticket.

Just a bit of info while you wait till next week.