·         MISSIONS: Monsoon Approach:  Rain is missing

·         MISSIONS: Swedish Championship Soaring Course:  Thermals are not showing in mission (schematic)

·         MISSIONS: Swedish Championship Soaring Course: When User gets the Club Record time they are not getting the trophy for it

·         MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring Course:  Flight Plan cruising altitudes are extremely high (41,000 feet)

·         MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring:  Crossing over the airport (the final checkpoint) does not stop the timer (counter, waypoint)

·         MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring: When User passes finish line and successfully lands on runway they fail the mission

·         MISSIONS: Flour Power gets a green check when Sitka Approach is completed (reward, check mark)

·         MISSIONS: Caribbean landing reward not being displayed on success

·         MISSIONS: Mission Compass displays too many directional arrows (pointer)

·         MISSIONS: 747 Test Flight has ambulances placed incorrectly

·         MISSIONS: 747 Test flight reveals terrible shadow problems on the compass rose.

·         MISSIONS: Completing the Oil Rig Rescue mission doesn't result in a 'You've Succeeded' status or reward

·         MISSIONS: Telluride missing the runway without crashing leaves you in unending state



·         MP: banned list ineffective in preventing repeated friend request

·         MP: mp needs boot functionality both in game player and at the host screen

·         MP: UI: Hard to chat with all these users in the main lobby with a lot of users logging in and out

·         MPr: Join Friends Game should not be a selectable option with friends who are already in your session.

·         MP: unexpected error message pop up after user logon with gamespy.

·         MP:Connection errors, including exiting out of session kicks player out of GameSpy and gives "you may have logged in on another computer" error

·         MP missions: Things are broken when you try to host a session and then end the mission and then host another session

·         MP:Cannot make a connection: We believe we have reduced the occurrence of this, and we have reports of better success on GameSpy ahead of SP1 so they may have fixed something on their end too.

·         MP: Shared Cockpit - Reverse Thrust - Reverse Thrust is not a synchronized component



·         Thermals : Default thermals as defined in ThermalsDescriptions.xml far too big and strong for most landclasses

·         ATC: ATIS - Pressure displayed & spoken in inches when Int'l setting is Hybrid (feet, millibars)

·         DisabledTrafficAirports persist to flights/missions that have no disabled traffic airports