AMD showed this unannounced system at FanCon

it will be announced in the next week or so.

What they showed was the new Phenom Quad core CPUs, planted on a mobo with 4 PCI-E slots and the new chipset, and the mobo loaded with 4 new RV670 GPUs.

This is the fall lineup for AMD/ATI, called the Spider platform. AMD/ATI wouldn't tell us the real name for the RV670 GPU but we will find that out real soon now.

This hw was getting 12 FPS or so with pre-release drivers on both default scenery ( Friday Harbor, Courcheval ) and the OrbX 15cm/pixel custom textures ( Tasmania, Australia ). And it was pretty playable at that speed. Which should translate to close to 24 FPS with one monitor per graphics card.

They mentioned prices were something like $400US for the quad CPU, $200US for each GPU, and $150US for the 4-slot mobo. Not bad at all considering the heat and power is much better too.

The cost of the flat-screens will set you back, though. .