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PTaylor's WebLog

Flight Sim discussions; mostly on the core platform ( graphics and terrain, platform team, sim engine, geo tools and geo data, international, internal tools, technical art ) plus news on releases and updates, and the occasional tweaks and tips.

April, 2008

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About PTaylor's WebLog

News about Aces Studio and our products ( Flight Sim, Train Sim, ESP )  from the source.

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    Caveat Emptor:FS9 port-overs may reduce your simming experience

    On the dozen or so forums I inhabit and post, I see many people struggling with some plane models especially with Acceleration/SP2. It turns out that in 99.9999% of the cases, these are "warmed over" FS9 ports. When we released information about Acceleration...
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    I just have to share

    Lamont Clark has posted a way cool tweak to display descriptive labels about 1500 ft above airports in FSX. See the HOWTO and a screenshot at: http://lc0277.nerim.net/wiki/index.php?Displaying%20airport%20names As an extra bonus, he has a great...
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    Back of the envelope

    Everyone who writes software, and most who use it, should be familiar with "back of the envelope" calculations. I originally read about this style of thinking about problems in Jon Bentleys' Programming Pearls, Chapter 7 Part of the work we are doing...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    Guess who's back?

    In an excellent piece of good news, Adam Szofran, late Terrain Dev lead of Aces, has returned to the fold. And we are glad to have him back! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, I mean flying.
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