Lately the chorus of voices complaining about lack of add-ons for FSX has stopped complaining about payware add-ons because the aircraft, airports, and scenery add-ons have really multiplied in the last few months. I have linked to more than a few of these on my blog as well.


Now, the chorus seems to have focused on freeware. There have been claims there is a lack of freeware aircraft available for FSX. So let’s just look at “true” FSX freeware aircraft, where “true” is defined as “Models actually compiled with the FSX SDK”. That is a subset of what is available. These aircraft will have a number of advantages:

1) Faster frame rate
2) Full compatibility with DX10
3) FSX detail / special effects enhancements


So that is a worthy metric.


To determine if a model was built with the FSX SDK, use a file viewer or hex editor to look at the file. Near the beginning of the file, you should see the characters "MDLXMDLH" if it's an FSX model. An FS2002/2004 model will show "MDL8MDLH" or something else,


Using the thread “True FSX Planes” at Sim-Outhouse and working periodically over the Labor Day Weekend, I come up with 55 (yes more than 4 dozen) FSX freeware aircraft (See Note 1):

1) F-5A Freedom Fighter


Must have earlier zip for air file

2) Cessna 177RG

3) OV-10 Bronco

4) Hondajet

5) Mitsubishi T-2

6) Howard DGA-15P

7) Piper Archer-III

8) Grumman OV-1 B/C/D Mohawk

9) Piper PA-28-RT Turbo Arrow III

10) North American Aviation Navion

11) Lublin R.XIII

12) Saab J-29 Tunnan

13) RWD-14 Czapla



14) Curtiss Jenny


To install Curtiss Jenny in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, you will need Flight Simulator 2004 version

15) RWD-8

RWD-8 expansion pack:

16) Boeing F4B-4

17) Bristol Beaufighter

18) Yak 141

19) Yak 130

20) BAC 167

21) Curtiss Junior

22) Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet

23) Aeronca Chief


25) Stinson 108

26) 707-420

27) Gee Bee Model Z "City of Springfield"

28) Spartan Executive

29) Monsted Vincent MV1

30) General Dynamics A-12 "Flying Dorito"


must have Acceleration

31) Bristol F2-B "Biff"

32) N2056's Pete ( modernized Pietenpol Aircamper )

33) Piasecki H21C;81851


34) Fokker Dr.1  

35) Dh89a Dragon Rapide

36) PC-7


must have earlier zip for panel, etc


37) Howard 500


38) Cessna 310


39) Mitsubishi F-1


40) Cessna Citation 500


41) Boeing P12-E


and hotfix


42) OS2U Kingfisher


43) 1938 Waterman Arrowbile


44) OH-6A


45) Piper Warrior II


46) Piper PA-44 Seminole


47) Piper Arrow-IV, non-turbo


48) Grumman AA-5B


49) T-45C Goshawk


50) DC-3


and an article for developers on how to convert from 3DSMax to Gmax models using this aircraft as an example here.


51) Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk


52) HAIG L-15


53) Waco UPF-7 Biplane


54) Boeing 221A Monomail


55) FSX RNZN Kaman SH-2G Seasprite


56) Mooney Mite M-18C


57) Seabird Seeker


58) Westland Wyvern S.4


59) SOKO J-20 Kraguj


I am sure if I really put more time into this, I could find more. That is with Saturday, and Sunday morning. There really is more out there than people think, the main problem is the community is dispersed and you cannot count on going to one site and finding it all. I list 10 sites just for these 54.


In terms of pace, FSX was released in Oct 2006. That’s 22 months ago. FSX SP2 was released Dec 2007. That’s 9 months ago. Using the RTM timeframe, that’s 2+ a month. Using the SP2 timeframe, that’s 6 a month. Either way you count them, there has been a steady diet of freeware aircraft.


FSX users should read this and realize the freeware add-ons are out there.


Note 1:


Caveat: I have not downloaded each and every one of these, but quite a few. So far, all the ones marked in the Sim-Outhouse thread as “true FSX” have been, so I am trusting the rest of the data in that thread based on a representative sampling.


Note 2:


Not yet released, but worth watching for:


Aerospatiale Gazelle by Cyril Pioffet

Note 3: at AVSim can be used to perform the model version check: