Sometimes you run across an opportunity that is so big, so cool, that you just have to take it.

Intel has offered me a position on the Larrabee team helping deliver the Larrabee launch titles.

Having been involved with the last two big PC graphics transitions ( software renderering to the 1st 3D hardware, fixed function 3D hardware to programmable 3D hardware with shaders ) I just cannot refuse to participate in what could be the third sea change in PC graphics.

Indeed, Larrabee has the potential to not only change the face of PC graphics, but ultimately the shape of the PC architecture as well.

This is something that, if I turned it down, I would be muttering into my coffee over for the next 10 years. So I have to go give it a go.

Just to be crystal clear - this is not a statement about Aces, Trains2, FSvNext, or ESP. This is a reflection of the opportunity. So please don't read anything into it other than what it is, that I am transitioning to a great opportunity. I fully expect great things out of Aces over the next several years.

Enjoy FSX in the meantime, and stay tuned to what Aces has planned.

The Flight Sim community is full of talented people, to those few that I got to personally interact with, I really appreciate being part of the community for the 2+ years I was here. Thank you!

And who knows, Larrabee will likely be interested in FS11 so I may get to interact with Aces and all of you all over again. Which would be just great from my perspective.

My last day in Aces is Friday, September 26th.

Good luck and good flying!