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PTaylor's WebLog

Flight Sim discussions; mostly on the core platform ( graphics and terrain, platform team, sim engine, geo tools and geo data, international, internal tools, technical art ) plus news on releases and updates, and the occasional tweaks and tips.

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  • Blog Post: Platform performance Update:early reports on Fall CPUs is that they rock!

    It appears the promise of the Penryn/Wolfdale/Yorkfield Intel CPUs is being born out. See http://www.guru3d.com/news.html#5723 for an early performance report. This bodes well for the future, and is something I started mentioning months ago as a positive platform performance step that would help...
  • Blog Post: FSX Performance benchmarks by Toms' Hardware

    I wrote an article up for the fsinsider site, which references the recent Toms Hardware graphics benchmark. That benchmark uses a variety of games across just about all recent hardware. It is a very good resource for guiding purchasing decisions. You can read the full article here http://www.fsinsider...
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