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PTaylor's WebLog

Flight Sim discussions; mostly on the core platform ( graphics and terrain, platform team, sim engine, geo tools and geo data, international, internal tools, technical art ) plus news on releases and updates, and the occasional tweaks and tips.

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About PTaylor's WebLog

News about Aces Studio and our products ( Flight Sim, Train Sim, ESP )  from the source.

  • PTaylor's WebLog

    FSX Progress Update - SP1 and DX10

    Its time for another update on FSX Progress. This is largely similar to what I posted on Avsim.com. SP1 We are working thru the set of tasks we identified for SP1, are getting closer to closure and a final test pass, and should have more to say...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    FSX:Responding to Community Feedback

    Dear Readers ( especially AVSim Readers ), I promised to return and discuss the result of our investigations after the Thanksgiving holiday. As promised, we investigated issues pertaining to the product, and meticulously analyzed the results...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    FSX:Today and Tomorrow

    Hi, Let me introduce myself. I am Phil Taylor and I am Senior PM for Graphics and Terrain in Aces Studio. I joined Aces during the end-game of FSX and am now involved in all the studio projects moving forward. I am seeing a lot of threads and a...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    New job, new role - in Aces Studio

    Hi, it’s been a while since I updated this blog, let me catch everyone up. In July I moved over to Aces Studio on the Flight Sim team, to take up the role of Senior PM for Graphics and Terrain in Aces Studio. I joined Aces during the end-game of...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    VS SDK Community Documents

    Hi, this is my 2nd blog entry. I will try to find the time to update more regularly. This time, I want to talk about the community documents the SDK Team has available for download. These come in 2 flavors: 1)planning docs for longer-term planning...
  • PTaylor's WebLog

    Welcome to the VS SDK

    As my first blog, I thought I would spend time discussing the Visual Studio SDK. I want to cover how it came to replace the VSIP SDK and what the implications are, how the Visual Studio SDK team is organized, and what our plans are. Historically, the...
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