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Are you planning to move to SQL Server 2012 and uncertain on how to proceed further? Join us in this session to learn the approaches of planning your new SQL infrastructure, new tools, features and techniques in installing, upgrading or migrating to SQL Server 2012.

This session also covers in detail about various type of SQL Server installation such as ServerLess Mode, Scripted Installation, and Automated Installation etc. This session would also cover the planning approach of how you can upgrade/migrate your existing enterprise infrastructure such as Clustered SQL Server (Legacy Version) to the latest version of SQL Server 2012.


- Installing SQL Server 2012
    - Hardware and Software Requirements
    - What’s New in SQL Server 2012 Installation
    - Command Line Installation
- Introducing Server Less SQL Server – Local DB
- Upgrade or Migrate to SQL Server 2012
    - Upgrade Methodology Overview
    - Pre-Upgrade Preparation and Validation
    - Strategies and Considerations
    - Including the Latest Updates