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    Integrating Microsoft SharePoint Online with Windows Azure


    This module introduces how Microsoft Windows Azure platform augments SharePoint Online (SP-O). It covers:

    - The benefits of integrating SP-O with Azure

    - Calling Azure Web Roles in SharePoint Web Parts

    - Using BCS to connect to SQL Azure database to load external content type

    - Using Service Bus to connect to an on premise service

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    Introduction to Office2013 and App Development


        - New features for Office 2013
        - Introduction to Apps and App scenarios 
        - Task pane App (demo)
        - Content App (demo)
        - Mail App (demo)
        - Design Guidelines while Developing Apps

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    Office Services in SharePoint 2013


        - Excel Services for SharePoint 2013
        - Word Automation Services for SharePoint 2013
        - PowerPoint Automation Services for SharePoint 2013
        - Access Services in SharePoint 2013
        - SharePoint 2013 Translation Services

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    Social Features in SharePoint 2013


        - SharePoint 2013 Social Overview
        - SharePoint 2013 MySite
        - SharePoint 2013 My Tasks, Mybraries & Microfeed overview
        - SharePoint 2013 Communities Overview
        - Following, @Me, My Activities, My Likes
        - Communities

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    Workflow Changes and Features in SharePoint 2013


        - Overview of Workflow Architecture Platform
        - SharePoint Workflow Improvements
        - Developing Workflows with SharePoint Designer
        - Developing Workflows with Visual Studio
        - Dynamic Values
        - Workflow Powered SharePoint Apps

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    Lap Around Branding in SharePoint 2013


        - SharePoint 2013 site changes
        - SharePoint 2013 page model
        - Introduction to Site Publishing for Designers and Developers in SharePoint 2013
        - Authoring, Design, and Branding Features
        - New Features for Designers in SharePoint 2013
        - Design Manager in SharePoint 2013
        - SharePoint 2013 HTML Master Page

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    Search features and changes in SharePoint 2013


        - SharePoint 2013 Search Overview
        - Executing Queries in SharePoint 2013
        - Search Verticals in SharePoint 2013
        - Search Content Parsing and Web Callouts in SharePoint 2013

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    Business Connectivity Services Changes in SharePoint 2013


        - Business Connectivity Services Overview
        - OData Sources
        - App-Level External Content Types
        - CSOM and REST Interfaces
        - Notifications & Custom Event Receivers

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    Enterprise Content Management Changes in SharePoint 2013


        - eDiscovery – Introduction & Overview in SharePoint 2013
        - eDiscovery – Target Scenarios & Extensibility
        - Content Management Interoperability Services Connector
        - Managed Metadata Service & Taxonomy Improvements
        - Developing with Managed Metadata

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    OAuth and Application Identity in SharePoint 2013


        - SharePoint 2013 and Application Identity
        - Requesting and Granting Application Permissions
        - Authentication using OAuth
        - Authentication using Server-to-server (S2S) High Trust

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    Create Cloud-hosted Apps for SharePoint 2013


        - App Hosting Models
        - Design Considerations
            - Isolation
            - Multitenancy
            - Cross Domain Calls
            - Permissions
        - Developer-Hosted Apps
        - Windows Azure Auto-Hosted Apps

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    Develop SharePoint 2013 Remote Event Receivers


        - Introducing Remote Event Receivers
        - Simple Call Scenario
        - Advanced Callback Scenario
        - Developing Remote Event Receivers

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    SharePoint 2013 client object model (CSOM) and REST APIs


        - SharePoint 2013 Strategy for SharePoint Client Object Model and REST
        - Programming SharePoint Client Object Model with C# and JavaScript
        - SharePoint 2013 REST and OData Fundamentals
        - Making REST Calls with C# and JavaScript for SharePoint 2013

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    Building Apps for SharePoint 2013


        - Why Apps in SharePoint 2013 & App Hosting Models
        - SharePoint 2013 chrome control & cross-domain calls
        - Design Considerations
        - Creating SharePoint Hosted Apps
        - Developing Cloud Hosted Apps
        - Demos

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    Introduction to SharePoint 2013 development


        - New Features in SharePoint 2013
        - Why Apps for SharePoint 2013?
        - Development Model/ Design Patterns for Apps for SharePoint 2013
        - Changes in REST and CSOM
        - Sneak Peek into the Improvements with BCS and Workflows
        - Demonstrations of the New Features

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    Advanced Dimensional Modeling


        - Surrogate vs Natural Keys
        - Slowly Changing Dimensions
        - Types of Facts
        - Late Arriving Dimensions
        - Subtyping
        - Aggregation/Summaries for Reporting

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    Spatial in Microsoft SQL Server 2012


        - Understanding Spatial Datatypes
        - Spatial Datatypes and Static Functions
        - Mapping Spatial in SQL Server 2012
        - Using Spatial data in Reporting Services
        - Demos

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    Microsoft and Big Data


        - Introduction
        - The Concept
        - Hadoop on Azure
        - Demonstration

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    Exclusive Advisory Services Offerings!


    Advisory Services Opportunities for Developers


    During your application development lifecycle, have you ever come across situations similar to the ones listed below?


    · How to build an effective solution for my customer using Microsoft technologies?

    · Does our application architecture covers all the business aspects and utilizes all the technology features?

    · How to setup security? How to implement authentication and authorization?

    · How to develop a customized solution if something is not available out of the box?

    · Does my developer follow all the best practice recommendations and design considerations?

    · Want to know which Microsoft product is best for a given business problem?

    · How to start writing windows phone applications?

    · How best can I utilize Microsoft products to make my customer’s life easier?

    · Is cloud a better option for me?


    You can also approach us with technology specific enquiries like the following:


    Windows Azure

    · Migrate existing web apps to Azure.

    · How you can connect to you data centers from Azure?

    · Integrate with Active Directory and System Center from Azure.

    · Deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines in minutes in Azure

    · How you can quickly and easily deploy sites to Azure?


    Windows Phone

    · Do you know you can do Multitasking for Windows Phone Applications?

    · Live Tile is one of the most compelling features of Windows Phone. Do you know you can have Secondary Live Tiles for Apps for Windows Phone?


    BizTalk Server

    · Integrate multiple legacy applications together without making code level changes to them.

    · How to automate complex messaging patterns and system workflows?


    SQL Core

    · How do I design my SQL Server 2012 environment for optimal performance?

    · In SQL Server 2012, how do I plan for consolidation?

    · In SQL Server 2012, how do I decide which High Availability solution best fit to my requirements?

    · How do I migrate my database environment to SQL Server 2012?

    · In SQL Server 2012, how should I decide whether Scale out or Scale-up is better?


    CRM 2010

    · How to automate an e-mail task and Report Delivery for CRM Online using JavaScript?

    · Create inner joins and outer joins in Fetch XML?

    · How to notify 3rd party applications for changes in CRM?

    · Do you know how to make CRM plug-ins work asynchronously?

    · How to take advantage of Silverlight HTML bridge and Silverlight-JavaScript interop to simplify and enhance CRM UI customizations?

    · How to enhance CRM UI using JSON and JQuery?


    SQL Server Business Intelligence

    · How to enable Custom Authentication for your Report Server for accessing the Report Manager over the internet?

    · How can I build BI application?

    · How to leverage SSIS for moving data?

    · Implementing data visualization using Power View.

    · Making Data Cleansing easy, Let’s de-duplicate & cleanse before your ETL.

    · Managing your master data, create uniformity in your organization.

    · Do you know how to develop a Custom Report Item for your Reporting Service Toolbox?

    · Designing and Accessing BI Semantic Model.


    Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

    · Design Clinical Office automation with SharePoint.

    · How to design Outlook 2010 Add-in to browse SharePoint 2010 library?

    · Building applications in SharePoint 2010 using InfoPath 2010.

    · Want to know how to integrate SharePoint and Windows Search?

    · Displaying public calendars along with user calendar in Outlook 2010.

    · How to handle list throttle values in SharePoint 2010?

    · Document uploaded to the SharePoint document library should display in thumbnail view.

    · How to create Custom functionality by creating SharePoint ribbon control.

    · Ways to design and develop Office Word Form Regions.

    · Migrating SharePoint lists with Lookup Columns from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

    · Passing data from one list form to another list form of different list.

    · Is your database piled up with multiple versions of documents? Get rid of unwanted minor or major versions.

    · Do you want to Update the Managed Metadata of  the document while uploading a document to the document library itself?

    · Client application to upload documents to SharePoint site outside of SharePoint.

    · Move the documents to a different library without losing the Metadata.

    · Display relevant data which is spread across different lists in a site collection.

    · Learn how to add Calendar View to Microsoft Access 2010.

    · Explore the new features in Visio 2010.

    · Get to know how you can modify your error log page in SharePoint 2010?


    We have answers to these questions. By leveraging our customer-ready offerings, you will be better equipped to capitalize on new markets and technologies, develop innovative solutions, expand your competencies, enhance deployment effectiveness, and increase revenue. We also deliver customized workshop sessions like:


    · HTML 5 Deep Dive

    · Microsoft Azure™ Services Platform

    · SQL Server 2012 – Installing, Upgrading and Migrating

    · SQL Azure Reporting and Data Sync

    · Self Service BI with PowerPivot

    · Consuming External Data with Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010

    · Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010


    …and many more you can find in our Developer Catalogue.


    These engagement opportunities are one of the core benefits that you receive as a part of your partner membership status. Use your partner advisory hours to take advantage of these offerings to help streamline your development efforts, reduce costs, and build your team’s readiness on these technologies. For more information about our services, please visit the Partner Services Offerings page on the web.



    Technical Advisory Services


    · Want development or deployment guidance delivered ad-hoc.

    · Get advice, best practice recommendations, usage scenarios, and design considerations from our consultants.

    · Want code samples demonstrating how to use or how to access Microsoft technologies.

    · Want to receive expert architecture, design, and implementation guidance for your solutions and applications.

    · Need recommendations to ensure that your application takes advantage of underlying Microsoft technologies.

    · Need help upgrading or migrating your customers to the latest Microsoft solutions.

    · Need an expert to review of your code to uncover shortcomings before the code achieves production status.

    · Want to discuss strategies and best practices with a consultant.

    · Want to receive comprehensive, step-by-step guidance, or detailed technical answers to frequently asked questions.



    Technical Presales Assistance


    · Need competitive scenarios guidance for your solutions.

    · Need to provide a customer with proof of concept, comparison proof points, total cost of ownership, and licensing information.

    · Need to gain insight for a feature overview and comparison to help you positively position Microsoft technologies.

    · Want to bring your customer requirements to our experts, and get technical recommendations that solve your customers’ needs.


    For more information about these offerings, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


    +1 800-MPN-SOLVE (1-800-676-7658)


    Partner Services and Support

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    SQL Server 2012 – Installing, Upgrading and Migrating


    Delivery Time: 2.5 Hours
    Bill Time: 5 Hours

    Are you planning to move to SQL Server 2012 and uncertain on how to proceed further? Join us in this session to learn the approaches of planning your new SQL infrastructure, new tools, features and techniques in installing, upgrading or migrating to SQL Server 2012.

    This session also covers in detail about various type of SQL Server installation such as ServerLess Mode, Scripted Installation, and Automated Installation etc. This session would also cover the planning approach of how you can upgrade/migrate your existing enterprise infrastructure such as Clustered SQL Server (Legacy Version) to the latest version of SQL Server 2012.


    - Installing SQL Server 2012
        - Hardware and Software Requirements
        - What’s New in SQL Server 2012 Installation
        - Command Line Installation
    - Introducing Server Less SQL Server – Local DB
    - Upgrade or Migrate to SQL Server 2012
        - Upgrade Methodology Overview
        - Pre-Upgrade Preparation and Validation
        - Strategies and Considerations
        - Including the Latest Updates

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    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Semantic Search


    - Overview of Semantic Search

    - Usage of Semantic Search

    - What Can I Do with Semantic Search?

    - Find Key Phrases in a Document

    - Find Similar or Related Documents

    - Find the Key Phrases That Make Documents Similar

    - Storing Documents in SQL Server

    - Implementing Semantic Indexing

    - Manage and Monitor Semantic Indexes

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    SQL Azure Reporting and Data Sync



    Reporting Services and SQL Azure

    SQL Azure Reporting Features

    SQL Azure Reporting in Azure Developer Portal

    Demo: Developing Embedded Reports with SQL Azure Reporting


    SQL Azure Data Sync

    - Key Features

    - SQL Server to SQL Azure

    - SQL Azure to SQL Azure

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    Data Analysis using Performance Point Services (PPS) in Sharepoint 2010


    - What and Why we need Performance Point Services 2010

    - Enabling the services

    - Design dashboard, scorecard and KPIs

    - Dashboard deployment

    - Managing PPS 2010 content

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    What's New in SSRS 2012 in Sharepoint Mode


    - End User Alerting

    - Enable as SharePoint Shared Services

    - Data Alerts Architecture

    - Key Differences in SSRS 2012 over SSRS 2008/R2

    - Demo

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    Data Visualization using PowerView in Sharepoint 2010


    - Visual Design Experience

    - Creating and Saving Reports in SharePoint

    - Filtering and Sorting

    - Comparing Power View, Report Builder, and Report Designer

    - Reports with Multiple Views

    - Demonstration

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