Rob found an interesting bug last night that I couldn't repro... until today. Turns out that when you modify a blog entry, you don't just need the GUID. Oh no. That would be too easy. You need the GUID and the original creation date!

My limited testing of my "Update" mechanism worked because I had always tried to update on the same day that I created an entry, but Rob found the bug because we were burning the midnight oil and he was trying to modify an entry early on Tuesday morning (like 12:10 am) that he had created late Monday night (like 11:30).

I now found the bug today when I tried to modify last night's entry to point to Rob's blog. Now I have a fixed version that stashes the created date along with the GUID into the Word document, but it means the version I just posted to GotDotNet is broken...

Isn't software wonderful? Gotta go now.