Other blogs you should read

Other blogs you should read

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Greg Fee is one of the main developers on CLR security, and you should read what he has to say or else he'll make the command-line help for caspol even more verbose in the next release. He often comes to see bad movies with me.

Eric Lippert was one of the main developers on the script engines and we still work together (somewhat) on Office programmability, although we are in separate sub-teams. He is one of the most prolific (and witty) writers I know, although he is cheating by recycling old internal e-mail threads in his blog ;-) If I did that with my Google posts, I'd have a blog from here to next Tuesday. Eric also watches bad movies and knows far too much about late 20th century B-grade horror movies (and a lot of other things, to boot!)

I've only met Raymond Chen once (I think), but he knows a ton about the history of Windows (and other things) and has a very funny writing style.

Chris Brumme knows everything about everything and writes very long, very detailed posts with more information than you can poke an entire bundle of sticks at. Learn much you will from him.

Tyson Dowd, also from Melbourne Australia, writes a very funny blog that has nothing to do with .NET as far as I can tell. He'll make you laugh though.

Rob Mensching supplies the roof over my head, and is a guru on all things setup-related.

I'm sure the other blogs here are really cool; I just don't have infinite time to read them.

  • Yes, i agree that all the people you listed above write awesome -- including yourself ;-) Quality stuff and totally worth my time! Thanks heaps to all of you for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise. Now, if Tyson would write everyday, I would make his blog my homepage. I can just see it; reading his blog first thing in the morning with coffee in hand. It'd do it for me while i wait for the caffeine to kick in. I also like Ivan's .NET security blog http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/ivanmed/ Found it by way of Greg's recommendation in one of his blog entries. And found Rob's blog last night http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/robmen/ through your blogroll. Looks like he's really swinging. Anyway, setup will be quite interesting. btw, when you find the time, could you somehow fix your page and get the blogroll, links etc to appear on the right instead of the bottom of your page? Thanks!
  • Thanks! I think it moved to the bottom because I have that very long line in my compiler / interpreter post... so it will dissappear eventually and the links should pop back to the top. At least, that's my best guess
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