The other day, I went to see Lost in Translation with a friend at the Bellevue Galleria cinemas. It's a very good movie, by the way, but I'm not really going to talk about that. Upon entering the theatre, my friend and I were waived down by someone who was doing research into trailers for upcoming movies. We were running a bit late, but I really wanted to do it (I watch a lot of movies) so we promised to come back after the show and fill out the survey.

So, making good on our promise, we stopped by the booth after the show and took the survey (we weren't allowed to take it together, or to cheat on each other's answers - sigh). I won't reveal what the movie she was researching was, or anything like that, but the lady asked a few intro questions about how many movies I'd seen in the last few months (I was stuck until she listed the categories -- I definitely fit into the "6 or more" bucket!) and whether I'd heard of a list of 4 upcoming movie titles (I'd heard of and seen trailers for them all).

Then she showed me a trailer of the movie, and asked a whole bunch of questions about what I thought of the trailer (is it exciting? Romantic? unimaginative? etc.), whether I'd be likely to see the movie (sure, why not?) what would make me want to see the movie, what would make me not want to see the movie, etc. etc.

One of the things I said about what would make me want to see the movie more (or perhaps less ;-) ) was if they said who the director was; this information was lacking from the trailer and I had no idea who it might be.

Anyway, I went to see School of Rock yesterday (very funny) and lo and behold there was a modified trailer for the movie I'd been interviewed about, including the director's name! Now of course they wouldn't have done that just because I said so, but it's a nice thought to have. And although I didn't recognise the guy's name off the top of my head, I looked it up on IMDB and now I'm much more likely to see the film. (Yeah, I could have just looked up the movie in the first place, without the trailer mentioning the director's name, but it actually gave me some impetus to do so).

Incidentally, my friend and I compared notes after doing the interview and whilst I had categorised the potential of the film into just about every possible bucket (good effects, funny, exciting, action-packed, unbelievable <g>, fun, etc.) she had just put it into the negative categories (boring, unoriginal, etc). Guess it's not a chick flick then, eh? ;-)

(This was supposed to be a very short post. I don't know why it took so many words to basically say "I got interviewed about a movie trailer and after I said 'you should put the director's name in it' they re-edited the trailer and now it has his name on it."